• With their boyfriends.
  • In never never land.
  • Gay was not the answer I was really looking for. Oyyyy. *scratches head* I'd like to hope there are respectable men out there just fine not checking out "hot babes" or half naked women.....
  • Well. First, oogles are street rats that don't have street smarts. I think you meant 'oggle' and well, it depends, If I am with my wife I go out of my way not to look at other women, but when I am alone, yes, sometimes I do, although I do try not to be insulting about it.
    • Bootsiebaby
      The word is "ogle", not "oggle". If you are going to misspell it, you might as well stick with "oogle", at least it sounds amusing. Lol:)
  • I have never been able to understand why Women go out of their way to look attractive, and then get all uptight because Men are attracted to them! Men are programmed to seek out as many Women as possible to procreate with, there is no sense in trying to persuade us that this is somehow wrong.
  • Is it ok if we ogle surreptitiously :)
  • I hear Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles never did.
    • Bootsiebaby
      That's not funny, Sharona, It is sick and highly offensive to make fun of the blind. Reported.
  • In a Gay bar - LOL
  • The cemetery.
  • Me? I'd attribute it to religious conditioning... though honestly there's no reason a guy needs religion to hold himself to a standard. Of course, I'm having to make a conscious decision lately to pay attention to women at all.
  • West Hollywood, San Francisco & Palm Springs
  • I think they are everywhere. Just dont approach and man and be shady, loose, materialistic, or fake. I think men see that and either want it only to "do"....but will never fall in love with a woman who isnt herself and a beautiful person. There are so many good men out there that are passed by by women who do not pay attention to them or think they are too good...then there are tons of women out there who get passed by by good men because they try to attract men only physically instead of just being themselves and beautiful. Its a complete misunderstanding between 2 sexes. You do not have to be physically perfect, or even close to attract even the best of men. Only confident, caring, a wonderful person, nurturing, clean, healthy, and simple....and have dreams.
  • Come on now! lets think about this, if men stopped chasing women, within 100 years humans would be extinct; if men stopped oogle-ing women, you would think that your ugly and be pissed off because were not oogle-ing you
  • in the gay bars!
  • When the tables the future...when there are more 'dirty' mags for chicks...and when its acceptable for women to perv on blokes...and when girls are driving round in hot cars...with large bank accounts...and when men have to prove themselves with their 'oogalibility'...then we wont have to worry about such s**t!...
  • gaybars?
  • What is oogle?
  • My husband is about as heterosexual a male as they come! He can appreciate attractive/beautiful women! But he DOESN'T "oogle" them and he CERTAINLY doesn't say much about it when he's with me! Usually I'll comment on a woman's pulchritude BEFORE he does. Then. . . .he'll just agree or. . . .disagree! But the subject is dropped thereafter!
  • you forgot the "G" in "Google"
  • I cant help it my eyes are drawn to them, got me in trouble more then once with my g/f lol. Has it stopped me, no not really :).
  • Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Here? Umm... I admit, I will look a girl over (and just once, not a staring thing), but it's only to find something to complement her on if she happens to be down when I approach her. No, I don't "oogle." I believe there's inner and outer beauty, as well as that it's the personality that counts. Also, were I in a relationship; I wouldn't be off looking at other girls. Were I in a relationship; she'd be the center of my world. I'd need nothing more...
  • i dont i just look at personality
  • I don't. I ogle attractive men.
  • six feet underground ;)
  • I noticed a lot of the answers seem to imply that oogling the opposite sex is normal. Why? Is the percent of people who really don't "look" at other men/women really that low? I am one of those people. I may be a minority but I want to see why this concept is so widely accepted (cultural of course) and why people are fine with it.
  • The prettier they are, the more careful I am not to stare, especially when they move in certain ways that reveal the more private parts of their bodies-even though I'm sure it makes for enjoyable viewing. I'm not sure why I learned not to ogle. So if you're a cutie and you see a green hairy guy with googly eyes and a unibrow... fear not, dear lady.
  • and I think you're missing the point PocketNut. Women aren't dressing up for the men. Most men dress for women however, because they allow themselves to go off of their "instincts" as a hunter/etc. And frankly, it will never be ok to play off of that. This kind of thought process is exactly why I am saddened by all the crap women BS about "all men are dogs/the same/etc." It is wrong, because men are not "programmed" to do anything. They have tendencies, and physiological traits that influence yes, however they are not robots, not dogs, and have to make the choice to be respectful themselves. I hope you find someone who treats you with respect. and lastly, don't ever say "us". there are approximately 6.5+ billion people, appr. half are men, and I guarantee you that at minimum, half those people think you have trashy attitudes that enforce the female stereotype and won't agree with you.
  • On that note, I think a certain couple of people here are dodging the issue. Women were meant to be "chased" for. Thats completely off topic in poor justification to why some men OGLE. As in deliberately just stare and lust after a woman. Women like to be chased is something that could be said is true, however thats not even close. Lust is not chasing after someone. Its disrespectful, and that crappy attitude of yours (insert the several you know who you are's name here) is what makes women think men are dogs. Deal with the fact that you can be passionate and desire the woman you see as beautiful in a respectful way. You're retarded if you think having magazines of nude women, or undressing every woman yo usee with your eyes is "chasing after" them. If so, you need to grow up and realize that is not the same. Attraction is normal, being in heat and humping every female you see is pathetic and its no wonder a lot of women go gay or hate men. MAKES ME SICK.
  • Right here.... i dont look at women by there appearence... i look at what really matters... whats on the inside.
  • Oogling is something not ordinary to answer a few answers. I dont Oogle. I can, however, appreciate the beauty of the worlds beautiful people.
  • By 'oogle', do you mean men who actually stare uncomfortably at a woman for a long time, or men that glance at women? Every man is the latter.
  • I got lucky enough to find a guy that doesn't. It's nice because seeing your man getting enjoyment from looking at other women is hurtful and used to make feel really insecure. It's nice to be with a guy who appreciates me the way I appreciate him and doesn't feel the need to 'oogle'.
  • Just don't get noticed looking. It's not that hard.
  • I am not going to stare. However if I see a woman I consider attractive I am going to look long enough to appreciate her beauty. And if my woman wanted to look at a guy she found attractive would not bother me at all. May help me to consider toning up or working on my appearance a bit better. Insecurity is not a feeling others give someone. It is an internal feeling of one's own lack of self worth. So if men or women feel insecure that their partner looks at another attractive person, then they may need to toughen up or find a partner who does not. We find so much offensive these days, its no wonder there are failures in communication and understanding. Tact has become more important than truth.
  • At the eye doctors, get their glasses fixed, LOL
  • Going to gay nightclubs.
  • Very few men can resist "oogling" attractive women, it is all part of nature. I am giving this question a "like" because I like the word "oogle". Lol:)
  • They are still out there. If you don't see them you can't be looking in the right place.

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