• I had a mfm threesome. I'll be honest and mention that it was with a gay couple that had been together for awhile. I think they were closer to bi than gay but didn't identify as such. My first question is how comfortable are you (the guy) w another guy? I have had guy friends offer to have a threesome with me and another guy of my choosing. But there were rules they wanted set like little or no sexual touching between the guys. Have you and your girlfriend ever tried anal? I actually hadn't and well lets just say it was a little odd feeling/painful for about a minute. Use lots of lube and use fingers first. Play previous to the threesome, like a week before. Ask about comfort zones. How does she feel about multiple orgasms? Like you're so overstimulated you're shaking. Trust me it feels good. It puts pressure on your g-spot and you just cum and shake...and repeat. :p Send me a message for more if you want to have a full discussion.

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