• No i would not want to grace her with my presents!!!!!
  • No. What's the point? This is your day. Loved ones and good friends ONLY!:):)
  • Not unless it was a situation where it would be very hurtful to my parents.
  • Yes, she was the only female in pants.
  • i would still send them a invite knowing they wont show up. its the polite thing to do.
  • You can stand above this, so, yes. Hopefully she won't come, but you are not giving her any more fuel for the fire! And, perhaps, the invite will start a healing process!
  • No I wouldn't and I didn't. I had a small wedding just so we would only have people we wanted there. It's a big day, I'd have it as stress free as possible. (PEACE)
  • Who's day is it? Yours or hers? That would answer the question for me.
  • No, it's our wedding and not hers. :)
  • If you want to continue the animosity between you and her, don't invite her. Otherwise, do, but just don't expect too much to change. I would CERTAINLY hope that she is on good behavior at your wedding.
  • To celebrate the joining of two families, it is a good idea to try to keep the family peace. This is the perfect time to show you are the better person here and invite her. Maybe you'll be lucky and she'll not be able to attend.
  • I would send her a regular invitation with a handwritten note saying you hope she could attend and would like for her to sit with you at the reception (or some such thing). That way she could never claim that you neglected her or just invited her in a mechanical way. About the worst she can do is claim that you only wanted a present but everybody who gets an invite feels that way. You win-because you were graceous. Your parents win-because auntie dearest was invited and made her own decision. Aunt wins-because she's got options and a little special attention.
  • A lot of interesting and thought-worthy suggestions. I might call her, and sound her honest, but not mean...if she wants to be mean, that's her problem...let it slide off of you. Ultimately, I tend to agree with the "it's YOUR DAY camp. I would not want someone at my wedding, that I truly believed did not like me, or support my decision... But...what if I am mistaken, and she doesn't dislike me? Hence the possible phone call to try and sort it out a bit.
  • Yes. In the end, family is family.
  • Heck no, why would I waste the money on some cow who doesn't like me. I don't need those kind of negative vibes on my day.

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