• yes, i believe that is true, if he were caucasian i believe he would be more accepted...
  • Good question. No, he is bumping heads with the faceless enemy, the special interests groups.
  • No, I think he would have to be a republican.
  • Nope. Not with the policies and actions he's taken so far.
  • oh God... apartheid is still with us it seems, in the oh-so-great-and-advanced US of A, God save them all! to answer your question... probably yes, but thoeretically, no.
  • yes I do. I think that he is hated because of his race.
  • No, Hillary would have been nominated as the moderate candidate while Barak would have been just another extreme liberal candidate. Democrat critic had to speak lightly to avoid racist accusations.
  • Does a bear do it's business in the woods? Of course he would have. The fact that race is popping up as an issue now instead of talk on healthcare is a prime example of that.
  • No...If it did matter he wouldn't be the President today. +5
  • The vitriol would be less ugly. But the hatred would be there. These obstructionists despise people who want to move forward and change things for the better. They despise people who want to help "we the people". The icing on the cake for such people is that the top boss in America is an African American. They cannot absorb that after so many years of believing they are the superior ones. Obviously they are not or one of them would be president! :)
  • No. I must have been the only one who really heard Martin Luther King's speach.
  • A different time, yes, but an easier time? Not really.
  • Not getting picked on as much probably, but the way the economy is now he would still have a difficult time.
  • No. I think he's getting a pass because he's black. He's having trouble because he hasn't stopped lying since he got into office. And his misdirections aren't even very imaginative anymore.
  • It's possible.
  • An easier time at what? Being President? I've never heard anybody do anything but complain about whoever the President was at the time... Seems to me he's fitting right in!
  • Does being Caucasian mean that he would not keep shoving failing ideas down my throat? If so, then maybe.
  • I think he's got a difficult job and would still have a difficult job; no matter what color his skin was.

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