• Because they're not taught manners, patience or tolerance. It's the ME ME ME NOW NOW NOW generation, and it's all what they want, when they want it. So if they have a point to express, they'll express it loud and clear because they're not thinking about anyone but themselves and how they feel.
  • You arn't going to get a completly objective answer because one does not exist. In my opinion most of them are being indoctrinated by the media and our society and some by our schools. Personally I think Bush has screwed up so much with not winning damn war 3 years ago that the bad name he's made for himself has also transferred into a bad name for conservatism in general.
  • Objectively? I'll try. Young people have always been more liberal it isn't a new trend; neither is their outspokenness. Young people believe that if you speak about an issue loud enough that is the same as doing something about it. They also think that making people pay taxes for government programs is the same as charitable giving and since they rarely have their own money it seems like a good idea to them. Oops, sorry I couldn't be objective after all. Disregard if you want to.
  • They've not seen hard times, take everything for granted. This cannot be a blanket statement, many have been taught well and understand but far too many have no clue how much pain was endured or blood spilled for them to have what they do.
  • They are idealists that haven't had the joy sucked out of them yet. Conservatism means the status quo, the establishment and no change. Thank heavens we have young enqiring minds that ask the difficult questions, before they get set into the rat race and all their liberalism is slowly eroded by the corporations that churn them up like sausage meat to fit into perfect moulds.
  • I am going to say that because America in general has become a more accepting place through the course of it's history, every generation is being raised amongst more and more liberal views. It only makes sense that more young people would have them and express them. That's just what happens.
  • Because the vast majority of their teachers are very liberal. The kids with conservative views are almost mocked in school. Fortunately, my kids are brave enough to state their views, but often the rest will just go along with whatever the teacher tells them, and after they hear the same propaganda again and again they start to believe it despite any evidence to the contrary.
  • Yeah, I seriously wish that today's young'uns would shut up and sit down, kind of like, you know, the boomers did back in the sixties. Oh wait. My bad. That's what young people do best: they go against the status quo. My point being that there's no point in getting worried about a bunch of rowdy, liberal teens because they're just going to turn up into a bunch of dour, tax-paying conservatives wondering what the hell is wrong with the youth of the day when they grow up. It's the circle of life.
  • Because all the innocents of the world are gone as we knew it when we were younger. Kids have to grow up too fast now a days.
  • As a 22 year old in college I must say its really more of the opposite. My generation is very quiet and are just like sheep. Many do not what is going in government or around them and just dont care. Look at voter turnout among my generation it is ridiculous. If we wanted to get things changed we could but we dont care so politicians just do what they want knowing we dont care what they do.
  • it's because liberalism places more importance on individual needs than civic responsibility. This is appealing to younger people because they are, for the most part, more self-absorbed than older generations. Also they seem to be more susceptible to the ideas of pop culture and mass media which tends to be liberal IMO.
    • mushroom
      Tom Wolfe called the 1970s the "me" decade (and Al Franken called the 1980s the "Al Franken" decade).
  • today's youth are being brainwashed in the schools. i am more conservative than my parents and many of their age group.
  • In general, I think that most young people are optimistic when it comes to expressing themselves because parents give their little darlings everything and praise them for nothing. And, because mom and dad said they were special, everyone wants to hear and to respond to their opinions. eg. Parent land: Oh, honey, you put on your shirt! Good job! Real World: No shirt, no shoes, no service. All in all, I believe that young people have an over-valued view of themselves. Further, we've disempowered and disemboweled our educational system. Parents routinely over ride and disregard the opinions of the education professionals. Because the parents think it would hurt the self-esteem of their child, they demand and get social promotion instead of passing a class through mastery of the information. We are so afraid that if we teach morals, we will be forcing religion down the throats of the children. Sadly, this view is persistent and it is crap. We can teach morals without religion - we are a society of laws after all. And, we can teach that we value certain behaviors because these behaviors are good and useful in and of themselves. But, we don't because some parent may misunderstand and sue. Although these teens and young adults offend and annoy me profoundly, I do not blame them for their demanding natures and over inflated egos. I blame their parents (my peers). My peers are neurotics are trying to live vicariously through their children and to correct or fulfill all their emotional lack from their childhoods while letting these kids run a muck. Finally, these children do not have the right to address me by my first name. They are not my equals. I am Father, Brother, Reverend, Friar to them. And, my mother is not Sandra; she is Mrs. B. And, a mixed group of diners is not "guys"; we are ladies and gentlemen.
  • well, i don't think its necessarily young people today, but i believe that the youth of all groups in all societies have always been radical because they have ever more increasingly more to learn and therefore learn about the vast miscarriages of justice and mistakes etc. i believe they're more energetic and passionate and haven't experienced the feeling that "nothing really changes" and therefore don't take no for an answer until they've been exausted, demoralised and all their genuine, goodwill and truthful opinions have been, to quote trotsky, "swept into the dustbin of history".
  • The school systems are basically teachers of a socialist philosophy. And the teachers union has mostly put a end to free thought.
  • Wait until they get into the real world and realize nobody is going to care about their feelings. They're not going to get time off work to go protest the latest cause. They're not going to get a trophy just for showing up. The entitlement and victim mentality isn't going to get them very far in life.

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