• very rude and perverted, not even worth talking to again.
  • That's a very tough (but good!) question. I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings, so I think that I would make a genuine effort to get to know the person a lot better, to see if there is something at all about her personality (or "whatever") that I *would* find attractive. I would at least wish to be a good friend to her, to see if I could do something for her, to make her life better. +5
  • I would react friendly but with clear words that I feel flattered but this feeling is not mutual. Any problem I ever had with anybody was solved right away through talking it over, honest and without leaving any question open.....respect for the other person is key.
  • Sounds like they crossed into the pervert zone. I'd probably say "thank you" and make it a point to avoid that person in the future.
  • I would tell them that I was very flattered, but I would be sure to let them know that I was not interested.
  • Been there. A guy in college told me he had a dirty dream about me. Called him a dirt bag and never spoke to him again.
  • I'd lol and set out on an ego trip of mythic proportions. Or never have any contact with that person again whatsoever. Either way.
  • "Hm. Well, what you do in the bathtub is your own business, but if it's all the same to you, I'd rather not know about it. Let's pretend this conversation never happened, mmkay? Thanks."
  • I'd apologise, and tell them that I didn't feel the same way. I'd tell them that if my feelings toward them changed, I'd let them know, but at the present they aren't someone I'd consider being with in a romantic way.
  • My reaction would be a rapid sequence of horror, shock, shame, disconcertment, and then I'd go about my day. :)
  • I would probably say something like 'well those private moments are going to be private forever.' If he or she would not get the message I'd just tell him or her that I am not interested and never will be.
  • I would be (although hopefully not showing it) horrified and probably disgusted, but as politely as possible let them know that I'm in a relationship and I'm not interested...and I'd appreciate them not telling me they think of me whenever they do something "privately."
  • i would just be honest and tell them i wasnt attracted to them so they dont waste their time on me
  • i might block them so i dont have to hear from them
  • i would tell them i only wanted to be friends with them and nothing else

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