• I think they mean only God can Help you make the decision. God puts out choices for us and we are the ones who make the decisions. Then God can see what we chose in the options he has given us. We only think for ourselves God cannot make decisions for you but only give you strength when you are in need.
  • There are two schools of thought. People need a God a King to give them orders. Without superiors people won't know what to do. People can make choices on thier own when provided with good information. In politics and religion it's the same argument. It never ends. I have never seen a free society that absolutely nor force and Coercion exists. When I looked through the Bible this same problem is seen story after story. Where the prophets or leaders or apostles are engaged in one type of dilema or another that had one of these ideas at the very root.
  • Man wrote the Bible and somehow managed to brainwash and control half the world by words on pieces of paper. There's nothing wrong with people using their faith for good. It's the ones who use it for violence because God "hates fags" and blah blah. That book has managed to cause more violence in the world than we know. It's sickening. One should know the difference between right and wrong, yet people know beforehand that God will 'forgive' them, so they do whatever they'd like. Christians/ Catholics make up around 80% of the prison population. Atheists, only make up about .2% of the prison population. Hell, even those Scientology nuts only make up .2%. Yet some Christians think they have the right to tell my ass I'm going to Hell? Phish. I think not. To answer your question, freewill raises the question about what is rational and right and what isn't. We shouldn't need a Bible or 'God' to tell us these things. It's common sense.
  • Freewill is the ability to think for ourselves. To what question is your answer?
  • Free will is the ability to choose whether to do right or wrong. The ability "to think for ourselves" is the ability to figure out what God has established as right and true. It is not the ability to estalish what is right and true in the first place - we can discover it, but we can't make it up. That is for God alone.
  • Because that's what they believe and as far as I'm concerned, attacking them for their beliefs is counter-productive.
  • yes. thats what free will means. the ability to choose and think for yourself. if they couldn't think for themselves they wouldn't have free will.
  • They don't know any better.
  • only God can make the decision of a man's FREEWILL being good or bad ; if a man has a true and righteous HEART....when the Judgement comes....HE does not make anyone, or intervene with anyone, to do RIGHT or WRONG...thats our will ...we are free to choose... we have the will, free to choose, to be Godly or UNGodly....BUT ,its HIS JUDGEMENT /Decision in the END .... same as Adam and Eve had, freewill, they both CHOSE to disobey HIM....
  • Not only did God give mankind freewill, He also gave Adam and Eve the ability to think. This is proclaimed when the serpent/Satan contradicted what God had commanded. Eve decided to hearken to Satan. She figured it wasn't a bad idea to disobey God after what she had heard. Genesis 3:13 And the LORD God said unto the woman, "What is this that thou hast done?" And the woman said, "The serpent [beguiled] me, and I did eat."

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