• If they are in a relationship then no matter what be it opportunity, love, character etc. they are cheaters, if they are not happy in a relationship and wish to start another one they should finish the present one, as simple as that.
  • Well, for those of us in the "attractively-challenged" category--I'd say it was lack of willing "participants!!!"
  • one cheats and the other one doesnt.
  • the non cheater is too busy at home with projects and spends more time with the family. the cheater has another life beyond his family. someone does the gardening, and the fixing up. he has too much time on his hands.
  • Maybe they're not really in love ....
  • i'd have to say the difference lies in your intention. you can be attracted to lots of different women, but, like i said, it depends on your intention and if you're not purposely hiding things or being dishonest about what you want from dating then i wouldn't call it cheating.
  • Perhaps for those who are very attractive, its the danger that attracts them? Guys, and Gals who the person their with is easily "replacable", and likes to lie, and decieve for the fun of it. Not that I have any experience with cheating. But one of my worst fears is being cheated on. I also have trouble trusting attractive women.
  • My spelling will suck sry. Restreignt an Respect. All men and women fantisize about others on a daily basis. What breaks the deal is when someone has no dicipline or self controll and fucks anything with a pair of legs. If a man or woman truely loves their partnet, if they RESPECT them, they won't cheat. Simple as that.
  • Sorry-- but all the qualities that make someone 'Exciting' can also lead them to being cheaters. So the laws of attraction are against you. Is he 'Fun and Spontanious'? Well, also likely having spontanious fun after he has become bored with you (and he will). Is she 'Flirty and Sexy'? Well chances are she is making use of those flirty, sexy skills on someone else, too (and she will). Things like empathy, respect, devotion, and willpower characterize non-cheaters. But-- they also get filed away in 'Nice but boring' during the dating scene.
  • No difference in core values. One is just more susceptible to a particular temptation. That same person may be the first on to tell an obnoxious turd to walk away or jump in front of a car to save a child.
  • it depends on what kind of relationship they had with thier mother.
  • It's all about their character.
  • It's my belief that a man cheats on his woman, because he has no real love nor respect for her, because if he had BOTH, he'd never dream of having another bed partner, without his woman's knowledge and consent (and in some cases, her "participation"). When I have been in a serious and committed relationship, I have never thought of cheating and never would think of it. This isn't because I'm some sort of "super moral guy;" it's simply because you treat your lady exactly the same way you want her to treat you. You don't cheat on her, because you don't want her cheating on you. It's really that simple. +5
  • commitment. everyone is attracted to other people. everyone has thoughts enter their heads... I believe most people even get opportunities. I do not know how common it is but the desire can be strong enough that passing up such an opportunity can make a person physicaly ill (several hours one time for me). the difference between cheaters and non is noncheaters have the discipline to stick with their commitments durring hte moments when they do not want to.
  • Discipline says it all. with it they won't cheat. with out it morals, character, opportunity, love, etc. really don't stand a chance.
  • I'd say morals/character/values. If a man has these qualities then he will not cheat even if he had the opportunity or even if he is not yet in love with his partner. However, I believe a man can 'feel' that he is in love with a woman and cheat because he does not have these underlying characteristics. I don't believe anyone man, or woman, can truly love another if they have no integrity. Love does NOT conquer all deficiencies in character and maturity, it can not exist without a moral foundation.
  • Basic moral fiber. Some men have no clue as to what it does to their integrity, their cell tissue. When you repeat a habbit like that you are really announcing that you are out of control.
  • A combination of character, and circumstance. I assume by cheating, you mean being involved with someone else and trying to keep it a secret, as opposed to (at least) being up front about it.
  • a cheater is influenced by what is downstairs and a non-cheater is influenced by what is upstairs,
  • +5 for both men and women, it is integrity.
  • id say love is the first factor; you dont hurt the one you love. The other applicable factors are: is he selfish, arrogant and manipulative? Cheating is a demonstration of extreme selfishness and arrogance. It is a act of manipulation that anyone who posseses a conscience would not be able to pull off and it is proof that they dont love or respect their partner. These are character traits that will go with this person for life. Most of these are also associated with narcissism and sociapathy; behavioral disorders that really cannot be treated.
  • As well as everything everyone else has already said. I believe another factor is self confidence and inner security. A lot of cheaters cheat because they want self verification of themselves. Proof that their still desirable if you see what I mean. Also you get what I like to call 'Thrill Seekers'. People that want the Hollywood ideal of endless excitement and romance in a relationship. When the excitement wears off hey

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