• Yes. If you disagree with this, then you should allow the father the right not accept responsibility for raising the child if he does not want it and the mother does. If choice is a right, then it is a right for both.
  • YES; He helped create the baby , so he should have HIS say when a mother wishes to slaughter / kill her innocent , unborn baby .... +5
  • As soon as he can carry and give birth.
  • How about just sucking up responsibility? So the hell what?
  • Rationally yes, he will have responsibility if she keeps the child so he deserves to have a say (unless he raped her.) Personally I'm quite pro-abortion so I'm declined to support this movement. It also raises sticky questions about determining who is the father before barring the abortion and how to mandate the woman to invitro paternity test. It would really be a judicial burden.
  • If he has no rights, he should have no responsibility if he chooses not to. It's called pro choice.
  • Yes, absolutely. He was, afterall involved with the making of it.
  • Biologically, babies are 50% the product of the father. So, yes.
  • He has the right to his opinion, but ultimately it is the woman's decision. Not necessarily fair, but parenthood should not be forced on anyone.
  • Yes, he helped to create the child. It's not fair that he can't do a thing about it. However,it's also not fair if then he decides that being a father is not for him a year or so down the line and walks away.
  • The father has a right not to stick it in in the first place. The woman has to carry the child for nine months.
  • Well it is his child as well i think he should have some say in a abortion, but in the end the decision lies with the woman.

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