• Just travel to the future where the presentation is already done!
  • 1) I am sure your future self could do the job for you. 2) You could use this page as a starting point: 3) "A Brief History of Time Travel: 1895 British author H.G. Wells publishes "The Time Machine" 1905 Einstein's special relativity: forward time travel possible 1916 Einstein’s general relativity 1937 Kurt Gödel shows that the universe itself could be a time machine 1974 Frank Tipler finds that vast, spinning cylinder permits time travel 1988 Kip Thorne suggests using wormholes as a means of time travel 1991 Richard Gott finds that cosmic strings permit time travel" Source and further information: 4) Further information:
  • I'm a little busy now, but when I get done tomorrow, I'll help you out Tuesday before last.
  • We went over this next month. Pay attention next time.
  • Start with Stephen Hawking's work at a library and go from there.
  • my theory of time travel: changing any point in time is impossible, as you cause the future to be what it already is unless you combine with your future/past self and retain your knowledge, you cannot cause change in any point in time time travel is irrelivent, as people bent on world domination will destroy the world they wish to dominate while trying to obtain the power of time travel and pointlessly try to change the past/future, which I have established as impossible
  • Don't worry about it- they loved your presentation! ;)
  • Since it has (apparently) never occurred, good luck. It is possible, since nothing is impossible. One aspect to consider is whether: We are stationary in space and time is passing us by. Or, space is stationary and we are travelling through time in that space. Einstein postulated that matter and energy are one. Perhaps time and space are one. I will submit to you that time is not digital. Humans invented digital time. Thinking about our own lives, there are minutes, days, even weeks when "nothing" happens. I submit to you that time is measured in moments, which are not digital. Moments are analog, wavelike, spherical, cyclical, and such.

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