• That's a good question jerv. The world is becoming and more and more impersonal place.
  • because there are no awkward pauses in texting.
  • i agree i have the text feature turned off on my phone. i type on computer and i talk on my phone. +5
  • I txt alot wen am in a place where i cannot talk. Mostly in class (not proud of or maybe if i dnt really have much tym to talk and just ned to get a quick message across to someone.
  • Texting, and I hate to say this, is handy when you need to just state the bare bones information of something. No time spent on pleasantries (not sure that is a good thing but it does make things faster) and people tend to keep it short and sweet when texting. Of course, the short and sweet thing doesn't apply to the texting demons that are kids and teens. Just us old farts.
  • It seems a lot of young people like to text. It is a good way to communicate privately when someone is in an organized meeting of some sort. I just find the keyboard so small that it would give me a headache to text too much. Fads come and go, I think. +5
  • Texting comes in handy sometimes, but I don't get having a conversation via text when you have a phone right in your hand.
  • I get 50 free text masg a month, why call, when you can communicate for free??
  • Good question- it's a lot less personal, you can be in the room with other people and you don't have to talk, if you don't know the person good it's a lot less awkward. The number one reason is you can make it quick, you can just write something and walk away without getting roped into a long conversation.
  • I think that there is a psychological "Christmas gift" aspect to it. Alot of times, you don't really know what you are going to get when you find you have an unsolicited text from a friend. Have you received a message of love or encouragement? Perhaps an opportunity to go and engage in social activities? Nude pics, perchance? The possibilities and excitement is endless. Either that or we are a society of dumb drones who are gradually losing our ability to communicate without the aid of electronics.
  • You wouldn't want to text me. I just delete text messages.
  • no idea... it plain bugs me, texting
  • Exactly! I find easier and more sensible to talk on the phone than trying to type some half-words on a tiny screen.
  • texting more fun and you can have converstions with differant people at the same's also cheaper because you just say what you need to without getting side tracked.

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