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  • You are asking us to tell you whether it's bad or harmful? What a choice! Doesn't sound too good to me.
  • Have some self respect and get a life. Romance will come when it comes.
  • it is against my moral code but that has no bearing on you. if it is bringing you harm then don't do it!!!!! as long as you are not decieving anyone you are not harming anyone else.
  • Do you think these random hookups are hurting you? It's fine that you haven't found the perfect match yet, if this is what you are worried about. If you feel you have let down your standards for these flings, then it may be hurting your self esteem, otherwise, enjoy yourself.
  • I hate answer a question with a question but hey. The answer to this is "Are YOU happy?". If you are, it means your happy with yourself and are comfortable with your actions so go ahead. If your not, Stop. Everyone has someone out there. You might just have to look a bit harder. Try behind the sofa, it's almost always there :-)
  • If you're asking for permission to be a slut, who nobody respects, then you won't get it from me. Random "hook ups" is a bad thing. :)
  • Not at all, keep going, your chances of striking it lucky will be improved. I see no respect,self esteem issues here, ignore the perceived ideas of society as a whole, no-one thinks collectively. Do what is right for you.
  • If you die of HIV or get some STD then guys sure enough won't want to be with you. You have not yet found that special one but give it time. He will come when you least expect him to. Question: How do you percieve prostitues? As dirty, no self respect, etc. That is what you want to do to yourself only without the money. Do you really think that you would feel great that you are doing that (only you can answer that). Respect yourself enough to not put your life in danger just because you are lonely. So many ways to keep from being lonely. Good luck

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