• If you want to cut it short go for it.
  • Sounds fine to me. Are you going to donate your hair to Locks of Love?
  • ahhhh yeah, try something new and if you dont like it it will grow back!!!! So lol PEACE OUT!!;)
  • I think it is a good idea. Long thick hair can weigh you down and give you a heavy (not fat) look. You may want to try to your shoulder length first. It won't be such a shock to you and you can always go shorter later if you wish.
  • shoulder length would be good.
  • i have a round face and my hair is at its longest an inch ... talk to your ahir dresser and see what they think
  • OMG OMG please cut it.......with your height, you are making yourself look even shorter; the long hair 'drags you down' so to speak...retired hairdresser/makeup artist here..... and what purpose does long hair serve anyway? takes time to shampoo it, time to dry it, etc., etc., etc. and you can't really DO anything with it, right? up or down, that's it. SO GET IT CUT AND DONATE TO LOCKS OF LOVE as someone else here mentioned..a great cause!! and with your round face, don't get it cut too short; have a length that comes to, say, just below the jawline.....perhaps a teeny bit longer even. that way you will have lots of versatility in styling it. so go for it.....and never grow your hair long again.......... if you have ANY questions or concerns about hair/makeup I'll be very glad to this a lot on this forum.... so DON'T BE SHY AND GET BACK TO ME IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS!! sorry I sounded a little 'nasty' at the beginning, but I feel very strongly about it!!!!! HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!

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