• You should cut it however it pleases you and fits into your particular lifestyle. If you have a partner you might also consult with them as to their opinion but you have to live with your own hair so do what you feel is the best thing to do with it. It is afterall yours and nobody elses.
  • What the h does "very" mean in this sentence?
  • In my experience with long very curly hair, it is usually best to keep it long. If you have a Good hair stylist he or she will know exactly how it will best fit you face. When in doubt always try a Farrah Facet shag you can not go wrong. I have been a hair stylist for 22 yrs. and have several customers with curly hair. And they are very pleased with a shag. They say it is the best haircut they have ever had.
  • whatever kind you want

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