• Ideally, yes. Education is not just about academic learning. A child needs to learn to interact with other people e.g. peers and teachers.
  • It's a convenient place, but certainly not the only place. Many intelligent leaders, writers, and inventors have been educated at home or by a private tutor. Virginia Woolf's father gave her full access to his vast personal library, and so she educated herself. For these people, an unstructured learning environment enabled them to think outside the box. Sadly, in some states, the public schools teach kids what to think, not how to think. With that said, I still see a need for public schools and institutions. Some parents do not have the time, energy, or ability to educate their kids at home. And if they're not willing to let their kids do a lot of extra-curricular activities (like recreation sports), the kids might end up poorly socialized. And some kids aren't self-motivated enough to study on their own. But I do think parents of school children should supplement institutional learning with learning opportunities outside the classroom--i.e. trips to museums, the park, etc.
  • Not anymore.
  • Yes, I do. A child with a banker for a parent may do well in math, but might suffer in chemistry. The world is too complex for a single individual to teach every subject, and do it well. This is why teachers at the High School level specialize.
  • A private school or home schooling is best, especially if you disagree with the state religion of atheism. The homeschooled kids seem to be much better educated than public school students. However, many parents do not have the time or money for that option. Parents that don't agree with the psuedo-science, guesswork science, amorality and political agenda taught in schools should become very involved in PTA and know what their children are being taught so they can bring about some change.
  • I'm a teacher... and it depends. On a personal level. Little positive happens. Kids learn to conform to each other, or experience the exile and isolation of not conforming. In either case, the environment doesn't nourish intrinsic identity. Intellectually, classes are geared to the middle. Less endowed children will suffer, as will kids with higher aptitudes. The latter will spend most of their time as "helpers," assiting others at the expense of their own development. So no. Ideally, kids would learn at their own pace, in an isolated setting, away from the social leveling that create tags like, "smart" and "dumb" which are carried well into adulthood. However-- this is impossible. So we do our best.
  • Not after elementary school. They're learning all the wrong things after that from their peers.
  • 6-16-2017 Public school is not for education. Educators have always been very open about their intentions: they want better control over the students.
    • Jewels Vern
      Parents have always been very explicit too: they consider school to be an all day baby sitting service.
  • No. The school system has for many years been "dumbing down" the children in our school systems. The "power elite" want to reduce the education and learning experience so they can eventually make slaves of those left. The power elite cannot control a well educated population. For validity of what I am saying here, get and read the book, "The 13 Satanic Bloodlines;Paving The Road To Hell". I know you will be shocked at what you believe not only about education but the world in general.
  • 8-4-2017 Public schools have very little education to offer. They are political indoctrination centers. Nothing more.
  • According to Deuteronomy chapter 6 verses 6 & 7, parents are to teach their children "when you sit in your house, when you walk on the road, when you lie down and when you get up." This shows that a child's primary education comes directly from their parents. This does not mean that their education should, or should not, be supplemented with the public school system available to us in this country. That's a personal decision. We (myself included) as parents have to ask ourselves "Am I inculcating God's commandments into my child's heart?" And if I'm not, who is talking to my child " when they're sitting in the house, walking on the road, when they wake up and lie down" and what are they teaching him or her?
  • No, Children who are home schooled or in private schools do much better academically than those in public schools.

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