• A balanced diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts and fiber. A diet is considered "balanced" when all food groups are represented in healthy proportions or percentages.
  • Two cheeseburgers and fries of equal weight:)
  • I balance ice cream at lunch with cake at dinner.
  • whole wheat,glass of milk,pulses,green vegetables,salad,Fresh carrot juice,brown bread and butter,tea or coffee.One drink before dinner:)+5
  • 1 Veggie burger patty, bowl of raisin bran, and a cup of green tea for breakfast at 9:30am 1 medium sized plate of Brown rice, veggies and salmon for lunch with a bottle of water 2:30pm 1 baked skinless chicken breast, 2 medium red potatoes and a garden salad for dinner. with a glass of mineral water and lemon 7:30pm
  • Well, this week, 1 box of cracker jacks for breakfast. Hamburger and chips at lunch and Hamburger and chips for supper.
  • I'm satisfied as long as I get protein, green veggies, and a grain each day.
  • 4 slice of bread+ two boiled eggs + a glass of milk in the morning. A fruit juice at 10AM A small bowl of rice, Veg Salads for lunch Coffee or tea + some snacks by 4 PM A single burger or a small Pizza for dinner. This is my typical diet.
  • All food foods should from wholegrains,no sugary food, no starchy food,avoid saturated fat,no canned food,no package food, no frozed food,no fried food,no fast food, less milk products ,no soft drinks,and eat vegetable,fruits, fish,chicken,turkey and sea food.drink 8 glasses of water ,detoxifying body twice a year.and have your dinner three hours before you go to sleep and do your workout everyday for one hour.last have one multivitamins and mineral supplement.and have medical check once a year I hope that this may be healthy diet and you will look younger then your age after one year..
  • 2 oatibix with a few raisins and skimmed milk for breakfast. Yoghurt and a banana for lunch (time factor) Some kind of meat with veggies and pasta or rice for dinner. Snacks: dried apricots, or toast with marmite. That just about describes my diet from September until July!
  • i eat from every thing but less , and i excersice .
  • diet i dnt think so i dieting meal and glass of milk and 2 fruits a day its enough for me.
  • Cookies in one hand, milk in the other! Kidding. 3 meals; cereal, skim milk, fruit for bfst. soup, salad, sandwich, fruit or combo for lunch. Chicken, pork chop, beef, fish, pasta, vegetables or combo for dinner. Hardly ever eat deserts.
  • for me itd be watever i can get my hands on that looks good lol
  • 40% protein(meat)...55% carbs(fruit,veggies,& whole grains)...15%(healthy)fat(nuts,olive oil).
  • anything that satifies the hunger!!! nice new avtar of that actress but that actress sucks in acting :|
  • As long as I eat a green/yellow veggie, get some protein, and eat some kind of grain I'm fine.
  • I don't count calories or carbs. I pretty much eat whatever I like. Thankfully what I like is good for me. So I'm not a Tubby McButterpants.
  • I'll only eat meat once per day... it's loaded with toxins and hormones and I don't want to take in more than my body can handle. I avoid dairy. Occasionally, I'll eat cheese on a special occasion, but never more than once a week. I'm personally convinced dairy is disease causing -- especially pasteurized dairy. I also eat a raw fruit and vegetable smoothie every morning for breakfast. Eating raw is very important for enzymes and micro-nutrient absorption. It may also offer some protection from cancer, but the data on that is not yet conclusive.
  • A Snickers bar and a can of Dr Pepper
  • It must include skittles or it's not balanced.
  • Rice, veggies, a bit of chicken or beef and about 3 liters of gatorade. . +2
  • my diet is hard i have to watch carbs, sugars, fats, sodium and now proteins. i give up :-( i have so many limits i just almost stopped eating and that made dr angry as well. most days i have 1 fruit, 1 yogurt fat and sugar free, 3 oz of protein, 6 starches. this is not working. they now have me drinking some weird solution with electrolytes that is sugar free and it tastes so bad. +5
  • mediterranean diet!
  • I wouldn't know a balanced diet if it walked up and hit me in the head.

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