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  • Don't go the bar to talk to girls.
  • why would you want to meet a girl at a bar?
  • Just be confident, and be true to yourself. Girls like men who are confident but not to the point of being cocky. And simply have fun! Goodluck bro!
  • Carry a sketchpad and pencils around with you and tell them they have great eyes.
  • Just be confident and step up to the plate and go talk to them.
  • Go somewhere else to meet girls! A dance hall, a swimming club, a book club - whatever you are interested in.
  • I personally dont think the bar is the right place to meet girls, unless you're just in it for the show.
  • Well, I have all sorts of advice on this topic but I'll stick to the specific question at hand. If you are intent on picking up women at the bar, I would say my best advice is, don't use cheesy pick up lines, be genuine, and don't say the same things all the other guys say. The pick up lines one is pretty standard. Being genuine- that can be difficult. But honestly, play up your best personality assets. Do you have a great sense of humor? Crack a joke. Do you like trivia? Point out something relevant. Do you bartend as a hobby? Try to guess her drink. If you're right, you buy the next one. Are you good at something (you could get her into a mini competition, "I'll bet you $1 I can _____ better than you can")? There are so many other things to say besides "Hang out here often?". And the best advice of all: Women are people too. If we make you nervous, just remember that everyone still has flaws. And if she's bitchy? She is really insecure (or could be having a bad day), or really shallow. Either way, their loss.
  • Go to a bar and ask a girl to teach you how to talk to women. Tell her you get nervouse and speechless. This will flatter her, break the ice, remove the awkward barrior that is usually there. If she does help you...its sort of a win win. G'luck Axe

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