• Maybe he was a nutty Italian american? They do shit like that just for the entertainment value.
  • Geez, Louise, I started reading your question and I got all excited cause I thought you were going to say "Just WHY would anyone with ANY intelligence at all, "stick a feather in his...ASS?" I'm sooooooooo disappointed, I was also looking forward to seeing in on video :-(
  • OH Silly, it was the pony he called Macaroni.
  • I thought Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a chicken, stuck his finger up his butt and called it finger lickin'. (I know, very elementary of me).
  • Macaroni was a slang expression during that time that was similar to calling something high fashion, so a his act would be the equivalent of someone someone today adding a slight change to an ordinary accessory and calling it haute couture. Still a silly song but that is the meaning of it more or less.
  • Actually what makes zero sense is expecting that all words would mean exactly the same thing as they do today. I imagine some of the ABers who understand Italian might know this answer, but for the rest:
  • It takes a profound intelligence to understand this properly,not the other way around.We give names and labels to things,but can they really be contained in those categories? Absolutely not.Jane can be Rita.Pop cycle can be bop,but it doesn't matter,because at the end of the day,the true person lies deep inside the individual psyche and cannot be contained into this or any box.Most people just don't know it. +5
  • Yankee Doodle is actually a British song which dates back to the 100years war and is about a country bumpkin, which is a person, usually from a rural area, the south or small town; who speaks or behaves in a manner that indicates a lack of understanding of the ever changing, modern world. The US adopted this song which I believe you sing patriotically. Many years ago macaroni referred to a fashionable person who dressed and often spoke in an outlandish affected manner. Nowadays we refer to macaroni as a type of pasta - but the song in question is a popular nursery rhyme here and like other such rhymes have deeper understanding and meanings.
  • It is believed that during the American Revolutionary War, the British Army used the word "macaroni" to convey the idea of a young man who was a "dandy". The word was being used as a joke and it was said that the Yankees believed that only a feather in the hat was sufficient to put them in the height of fashion.
  • thats all he could think of that rhymes with pony +5
  • Somebody just thought it was fun to say! Who knows; slang comes and goes. Some of it is funny and some just ridiculous! BTW, I haven't been here in a while; but I noticed you changed your avatar again! I like it, but now I know why people don't like when I change mine. They probably don't realize it's me at first glance. I feel a change coming though!
  • i like this explanation of yankee doodle. just watch.
  • I would, my nephew would, so would my daughter just to give you an excuse to ask this question, SERIOUSLY!
  • Perhaps , not a measure of one's intelligence...the main idea was to have fun with it..... to use what you have to make do so you can forge onward in you quest of the good life.
  • really you could stick a feather where you want and call it what you want

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