• "Oops, gotta hang up now, someone on other line, bye!" Then, hang up!
  • Pull her plug and put her to bed.
  • i just flip my phone in my pocket and hit the top side button then the top inside button and voila! the phone rings (tests the ringer) Oooops! Gotta Go...really nice seeing you, bye~!
  • Well, I'm ready to get off the phone; bye.
  • i just say i have to go and before they can respond i hang up or walk off...
  • "Oh, Mr. Click wants to talk to you." Then "click" as the phone gets hung up.
  • I test the ring on my beeper while putting it next to the phone receiver. "Oops! The office is paging me... gotta run!" :-) My dad used to work with a guy who had his secretary page him 15-20 minutes into every meeting. It took a while for people to catch on, apparently.
  • OH MY GOD MY SON JUST SWALLOWED SOMETHING I GOTTA GO. Then later you just say "oh it was a false alarm". Or, and this I really do, I just tell them I need to get off the phone, or I really should get going or something like that.
  • I also find that the best way is just to say, "It was really nice hearing from you but I've got to go do ___" and make up something. Often I really DO have to do something so it's not a big deal.
  • just put the phone down, dont hang up. and then walk off.
  • "I simply must go!" Then, "Let's talk again sometime soon!" if you really want to talk to them again soon, or "Have a great day!" if you don't. It is tempting, of course, to say, "...and lose my phone number!" - but in these days of caller ID, one can simple let a certain person's calls go to voicemail.
  • you say, "oops, just a minute," and then remove the phone from your tortured ear for one full minute. then you say,"i'm sorry, i've gotta go, no really, everything's all right, just something here needs my attention..bye!" and then don't answer the next time they call!
  • Whoa. Hold on there Buckwheat, you're giving me a giant headache. Let's talk again when I recover from your incessant jabbering.
  • We had one guy at my office like that, if you called him to give him an assignment or yell at him for how much his latest one sucked, he'd start rambling at you about how he couldn't xyz because he was "the primary caregiver for two children ages 8 and 10" blah blah blah. News guy Kevin worked out a signal for someone int he office to start yelling his name-- "Kevin! Kevin, I need help with this, it's a mess" -- so he could just butt in and cut him off and go.
  • OH SNAP!!!! Here come the zombies ... and then you take off running
  • Well, I better be going now. (then state your reason. Such as "gotta get supper going) I have one neighbor that is a chatty Kathy and I have to use this often. lol +5
  • My sister had one as a kid - and she said "at gunpoint" was the only way to stop them.
  • "That's lovely Cathy, excuse me I have to go."

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