• Obligated by who or what? I don't think anyone is obligated in any ordinary sense to dedicate himself to the good of society. I don't think many people do that, maybe a very few, like public servants, but not most people. I suppose if you search your conscience, you may find something in there about caring for your fellow man and doing unto others, so you want to do these, yes, but dedicate yourself, I think not.
  • You are self obliged to live, to live, you must be good in your society (otherwise you will be shunned and turned against). We as people do the right thing so that we are further respected amongst our peers and the rest of society, which in turn, makes better for us. Even the most unselfish act, is selfish.
  • No, but feel free to join us.
  • No. I don't feel obligated to do anything for society, and I know that no one is going to make me. However, I generally try to do good for society, regardless. Still, it bothers me that any good I do will go largely unrecognized and probably won't affect society at all. If I get desperate, I might just decide to dedicate myself to doing evil things and harming society.
  • I firmly believe in the concept of "pay it forward". I do not have much money, but I am always looking for ways to "give back" to my community. I volunteer at least once a week and I make donations to both the clothing and food pantries when I can. I believe that it is my obligation to help my community because I don't know any other way. I think that we don't always have to feel like we have to give or volunteer in another way that isn't monetary, but that is what makes it so awesome! I love helping my community and I have made some real friendships with people that I normally would have looked upon with pity before I got to know them.
  • I don't like society as a whole. Beware the power of stupid people in large groups.

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