• yes i was forced to do it and it hurt like heck. +5
  • I just can't get into something like that no matter how tight I may feel. In some funny way, it makes me feel so lazy.
  • yes i have and i loved it.when it was really good it was almost outer body for me.
  • I am undergoing Physical Therapy (massage and manipulation) currently for an IT band injury with my left leg. I have used massage therapy for injuries for at least 8 years on and off. +5 I have also had Rolfing message on occasion for general aches and pains.
  • Unfortunately injuries. But, also for general fatigue from exercise. It's much more enjoyable (and I think effective) to use a hot shower or sauna first.
  • Yes. I find the atmosphere/quietness most relaxing. This is not for injuries, but aches and pains.
  • Only one massage that I enjoy...
  • yep, and i ended up with bruises all over me :P
  • Yes I have, deep tissue, primarily for my back but have had the full body treatment as well. It was major pain when they got to the trigger spots, and for a day after I felt like I had been beaten up by a gorilla. But the day after that, I could do cartwheels down the street and felt like a new man. It was amazing how good I felt. :)
  • As i have the seocnd degree in Reiki and i hopefully can try with good intention for the injuries and general pain even the person is far away from me .
  • As a certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Refloxologist ; I have received and given massages for general aches-pains and found it to be quite effective ... When I gave the massages ; I incorporated the Reiki Healing and Reflexology into my treatments .... +5
  • Yes it has been a regular part of my life. Massage is one of the great things in life.
  • I did once several years ago when I had some really bad back pains. A shipmate told me his wife was a licensed massage therapist and told me to come over and have her work my back over. I wasn't comfortable with the idea... I'd never had a massage before and it seemed a little 'intimate' to me to be having some other guy's wife doing that. But the back pain got bad enough I finally took him up on his offer. And was I ever glad! When she was done, the pain was GONE! If I ever have that kind of back pain again, I'm going to look into another massage!
  • Yes. From Ayurvedic Masseurs. They use medicated herbal oil for the massage. Excellent cures guaranteed if the masseur is an expert in his profession.
  • I have for a back injury and I found that it felt terrific while I was having it and for about an hour later but then I was back to square one.
  • Nope. My wife has and likes it.
  • No. I have never had a professional massage in my life. Tell you the truth they sound extremely painful to me. Are they? Happy Sunday! :) ((hugs))
  • yes, and done correctly, it are very sore the next day. Once was enough for me! +5
  • No it freaks me out. I don't like to be touched from behind. I could never relax. Its a reflex from work, I don't like to stand where there is anyone behind me either. If you come up behind me and grab me without telling me your coming you may end up with a quick elbow or a black eye.
  • Yes. It is an important thing to do, aches and pains or not.
  • Yes, and it helped. +5
  • No. People seem to like massage therapy. IDK perhaps I could learn to like it. Used to have a problem of being able to stay in one place for too long, just couldn't do it. But now maybe!!
  • yes, I have. My neck and back hurt, often. I love getting a massage to alleviate the pain and tension
  • Yes, I tried. The massage therapy was good but the pain was unbearable.
  • Yeah, sometimes when I got back from home from a hard training I got my gf to rub me with cream and oil.
  • I have just purchased a one year contract at a massage therapist parlor and have yet to have the first session. I have been to a Chiropractor but his techniques of neck popping, back popping, shoulder cranking, knee twisting scare me to death!
  • I've gotten massage therapies for many years, for all sorts of reasons. For 3-4 years, it was one of the things that kept me ahead of my back pain and able to face each day. I've relieved headaches and sinus pressure with it, It's helped depression and anxieties, lots of things.

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