• They think the elderly aren't keen enough to figure it out -- And that is so sad -
  • Those who want to make a quick buck look for the most vulnerable...and they must be vulnerable with money...that, sadly, means that the elderly become their targets...due to forgetfulness, trusting natures, and frailty, they become victims of many a scam...disgusting.
  • The elderly have two problems; 1)They worry (rightfully so), about money. When a "get rich quick" deal comes along, they tend to jump in with both feet. 2) They are always looking for a deal, so the contractor (scam artist) that comes along and offers o remodel the house for 1/3 of every other bid, usually gets it. Then he gets the money, and the elderly GET IT...
  • Because they are jerks who would probably steal from their own kids to support their habits ect. I can't stand anyone who mistreats or takes advantage of the elderly. I think they should triple the punishment for anyone who mistreats or disrespects them in this way. People usually know they are lonely, don't have to many family members & are easily misled into trusting them if they are nice to them. Also they think they can be easily intimadated by threatening them. I worked with the elderly & disabled & they are so sweet & precious even the lil grouchy ones. Most are grouchy for one reason or another but usually it because the world hasn't been so nice to them. It makes me so mad when someone takes advantage of them I swear I'd like to crack them in the knee caps for taking their life savings & hurting them.
  • Generally, when people age, so does their ability to reason. their reaction time is slower and they tend to believe what people tell them. Most elderly people are afraid. they know they cannot defend themselves and tend to back away from any encounter. Thus, they give in more easily to scam artists. The scam artists know this.
  • because they are easy victims

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