• Well Jehovah witnesses refused to do national service. So they were put in jail in South Africa
  • you high-tail it to canada or mexico or anywhere else where blood-soaked war hawks can't reach you. +3
  • Jailed usually.
  • Not sure about other countries but in the US should you be drafted you can apply for Conscientious Objector status which means you have a deep moral or religious objection to violence. In order to get that status you have to demonstrate a real and committed belief in that direction, generally by being part of a church or religion that absolutely forbids its members from violence or war though thats not required. I would note that if you try to go that route you had better have some real proof of it, simply saying 'I don't want to' doesn't work since no one really wants to. If they grant you CO status then you will likely be used in some sort of 'rear echelon' capacity or as a medic or similar application where you are not required to fight, though you may still end up in a war zone. If your application for CO status is rejected and you still refuse then you are subjected to the military justice system and will face some pretty serious charges depending on how and what you did in regards to your refusal.
  • youd probably end up in jail

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