• I've heard that "cracker" isn't a reference to the saltine cracker at all but to the slave owners who used to crack their whip on the slave's back over and over mercilessly. To me, this is very offensive to be called just for that fact alone. My ancestors owned slaves but that doesn't make ME ignorant like THEY were.
  • slut or ho +5 on this one
  • Thief +5
  • Poaka or Kunekune. They are Maori words for pigs. If someone is being really offensive they might call you that, indicating that white flesh tastes like pork.
  • All the ones that offend me aren't white oriented. I call white people honkies all the time.
  • the n word
  • Racist type words? No. Only because they don't have any significant meaning.
  • Cracker, redneck, white trash, honkey...funny isn't it that there is a huge double standard in this area. I am not offended by those words just by the double standards. Racism isn't owned by white people as is evident in this thread. Can you imagine how quick people would come down on a poster who said, "Black people: Is there any word that offends you? Spear chucker? Jungle bunny? I can't think of one good zinger!" *SIGH* I imagine I will get down-rated and maybe suspended for my honesty but I just can't let the question pass without giving this truly honest answer.
  • How about "racist" which is directed to us by anyone we don't happen to agree with. Funny though only in the last ten years have I been called that, never before.

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