• Writing helps... But mostly if someone gets the conversation started I'm an open book. I'm not ashamed to talk about how I feel, but I just don't show my emotions at all.. always been taught not too and really think its a positive thing for me at least.
  • I try to give people positive affirmations to show how much I care.I'm not really a hugger,so that is my way. +5
  • with hallmark cards most of the time...Or a homecooked dish
  • i hug. best cure in the world.
  • I would like to show my feeling by not just talking big ,but when i see through somebody eyes with lots of feelings and i would communicate the true feelins ,and the eyes never tells lies .and by lookings at the eyes i get what is on the bottom of the person is trying to say without opening thier mouth.
  • It depends who it is, and what the situation is. Some people by the things I say, some by just being there when they need it, some by physical contact.
  • with passion regardless of the feeling i am feeling. +5
  • I think hard cash would be appreciated a lot more than any gesture from us.
  • Asking how they are doing, listening, helping where I can when needed, keeping company when they're lonely, calling, e-mailing, sending cards, hugging, cheering them up when they're down, celebrating their achievements, birthdays,etc. The list is endless.
  • A hug usually works for me.
  • I leave a love note to my wife each morning. I give warnings to traffic violators, who truly deserve just a warning.
  • Usually by going out of my way to do something for someone while not wanting anything in return. The great feeling of a good deed is my reward!
  • By telling people what I feel out loud all the time...with words and deeds...all of me is involved 24/7. I'm either all in or I don't particularly care. When I'm all in you know it! :)
  • I bake something. The aroma of fresh baked treats is enough to make anyone happy!!
  • well i can express my feeling most of the time most often i show i care in a pysical way like cooking or having them stay at my house doing little things that sometimes go unnoticed!
  • I'm not 'wordy' about showing I care. So I'll give you something I know you've been wanting.

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