• They're mainly trying to be insulting.
  • they dont realize anything
  • way to sum up Atheism as a whole. You totally make sense with this question. lol
  • I am an atheist who does NOT call Christians delusional. But... I can see their point, even if they are rather rude about it. And if someone has their delusions well under control, does it matter? I probably have my own little misunderstandings with reality, but I cope with life reasonably well. If Obama does a good job as President, what matter if he is delusional? Some other presidents were pretty sick men.
  • Wow. You are either the most naive person on this site or the bravest. Even I would not fight the right wing zealots AND the athiests all in one fell swoop. Hang in there, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. You are like a fresh piece of steak right now and the hungry wolves are gonna come to this question and tear you apart like the rabid dogs that they are.
  • If they call Christians delusional, then they are trying to be insulting and pick a fight. People of ANY religion are entitled to their beliefs, but if they are following a religion system, it certainly does not call for them to be rude to others! I might catch some flack for this comment, but I believe a true athiest doesn't believe in ANY super power - neither God nor the devil. But an athiest that trys to stir up trouble against Christians is being led by the Devil, so they are not a true athiest, they are satanic.
  • Believing as fact without proof or demonstration is delusional, pretty much by defintion.
  • I really don't want to touch this one but I will go as far as saying Rev. Wrights church is comparable to the Westboro Baptist church which in my opinion is nowhere near to being Christian.
  • Yes. Hey, I'm just telling the truth. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
  • I've never called Christians delusional and have defended them against some of the extreme atheist on this site even though I am an atheist I see no reason to be insulting toward people just because they believe in something I don't.
  • Basically, a lot of Americans do the church thing and some may be fully deluusional and some just a wee bit optimistic re. a great caretaker watching over everyone. Either way it would be bloody hard to get elected in America at the present time if you'd never been to church and even a borderline racist like me reckons Obama is doing a reasonably good job thus far, God delusion or no. If his wife starts consulting a psychic (and the big man seems to be listening to her much), us down to Earth Brits will start worrying.
  • Maybe atheists, like me, are mature enuf to look passed Obamas beliefes and focus on the inportant things, like what hes trying to do for our contry.
  • Yes they do but their desire to insult is stronger than their desire to avoid hypocrisy. I guess they hope no one will notice. Thanks for outing them.
  • I've never claimed that Christians are delusional. That would be insulting to the delusional! And just because you go to church doesn't mean you're a christian, just that your sundays are free and you've got nothing better to do.
  • They're admitting that Obama is hypocritical, since he shares the (typical) worldview, as a matter of practice and policy, as an atheist.
  • Shhhhh. You weren't supposed to notice that.
  • Many people that I have the utmost respect for are extremely pious. Just because I don't agree with a person on every single issue, especially issues as personal as religion doesn't mean that I think they are delusional. I would prefer an atheist leader but as that seems to be one of the big no-no's of politics I'll settle for a reasonable religious leader who seems to respect the rights of others to believe as they wish.
  • People who think that faith is delusional, just don't understand what delusional means. Faith is a natural manifestation in human culture. Whether or not one believes in a god, i think that people are remiss in ignoring the role that such a belief has played in the culture, congregation, morality, and survival of humans for the last 130,000 years. Barbara King has a book called "Evolving God" which doesn't promote religion, but does talk about the importance of religion to humans. To dismiss this essential part of the human experience is bone-headed.
  • Obama is delusional. so r all other christians.
  • If they want to think that, it's their right to do so. In the end we will see, one way or the other, who are the delusional ones. Why sweat what others choose to believe? EITHER way?
  • I can't speak for the rest but I certainly do, yes. And I'd love to see the day when being proud of one's irrational, unfounded and silly beliefs isn't one of the main prerequisites for high American office. Don't you think that being able to think clearly and rationally would be a good quality in a president?
  • Calling Obama delusional for believing in a deity is the least insulting thing I do when referring to him. Think of it this way if your average adult believed in Santa Clause or Unicorns or even the ones that really really believe in UFO abductions or the Loch Ness Monster, don't you consider them delusional? Well thats how we feel about Christians/Muslims and others that believe in an invisible sky daddy that lives in the clouds. If you still need an invisible friend past the age of 8 or 9 then you have serious issues, and yes god is an invisible friend, that should be abandoned just like your belief in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and monsters under the bed.
  • Why would it matter if they are calling Obama delusional? The phrasing of the question makes it seem as though atheists worship Obama.
  • People don't know exactly how much of a Christian Obama is so you can't say if he's delusional or not. There are some Christians that believe in evolution and there are some scientists that follow the word of god. There are some Christians that believe that Jesus rode the dinosaurs while some Christians even think that is delusional.

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