• So far in the relationship, I've spent a grand total of $0.00 (Whoo, look at the big spender!) And yes, she seems perfectly happy with it.
  • Whatever she wants, but never on my own. Know what i mean? And yeah who wouldnt be happy with that??
  • Whenever she needs something she gets it...and yes shes happy and she would be happy even if I didnt buy her things. (I think).
  • i spend alot of money on my just not a cheap person. if he needs money and i have i give it to him. i think that if i was to save the money i have given him and deposit it in my bank account, i would be rich by now. the expenses go from buying him clothes to helping him keep his car pimped up... i dont regret it at all. he is happy about the fact that im not cheap, but he is never completely happy...*SO SAD*
  • She gets what ever she wants (but then they all do), i buy them things ramdonly through out the year but when i dont get them things for valentiens day, its a big deal... THEY ARE NEVER HAPPY NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY I SPEND
  • We spend near equal amounts in our relationship. I think if the amount of money I spent on him had a bearing on his happiness, I wouldn't be with him. (Unless he constantly paid for everything...I would understand his unhappiness)
  • I'm very cheap, I would say I spend a max of $50 on a gift ever, and not to much on going to places either. And no, it doesn't make them happy :P
  • Odd question, I believe. If someone's happiness depends on money spent, life is bound to be miserable in that case. Please focus if you can on one of two things when examining your relationship at a time .. take notes if you will. Sum up. What matters more or influences more .. money, or love? You'll see two columns & one will have more comments in it .. then one with most tells you what is what .. simple. The rest is up to you to work out.
  • money is not a single thing to make girl friendboy friend happy....the maine thing is depends on how much love you much care you show... money comes after that...
  • at first i paid 4 everything for my boyfriend, i paid 4 1st dates and every date afterthat, now i dont pay a thing on dates/nights out he will buy everything shopping well if i want it i buy it and coz he pays 4 dates i buy him treats were both happy but thats not the founder of our happiness
  • well my boyfriend always tries to "top" wut i spend which is kinda cute but its not the money that makes me happy its the thought that he wants to treat me to nice things =)

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