• Interesting you bring it up, I watched a show today called Jurassic Fight Club, and according to that yes. Birds.
  • people say birds are dinosaurs.
  • Yeah. There are a lot of them right on AB in fact: The Wraith of God, Prisoner, 1858 Remington, Cowboy, Payton. Did I leave anyone out?
  • Yea, i bet there are some dinosaurs disguised as humans out there.
  • yes jesus fights with dinosours all the time. i wish they would film it.
  • Sure, just saw Chappaquidik Ted the other night.....;-)
  • alligators,crocs.& kimono dragons are all from prehistoric times so I would say they count
  • Yes, Crocodiles and Alligators!
  • I might qualify
  • I live in NZ and we have an amazing creature here called the Tuatara. Many people categorise this as a type of dinosaur. Have a look here - I think it's pretty cool!
  • Possibly... Dinosaur sightings But could real dinosaurs be living today? What about all the reported sightings? If dinosaurs died out more than 60 million years ago, as evolutionists propose, then there can’t be any convincing evidence for their living today, or even in recent times. Yet fresh, unfossilized dinosaur bones have been found. In 1987, a young Inuit (Canadian Eskimo), working with scientists from Memorial University, Newfoundland (Canada), on Bylot Island, found a bone which was identified as part of a lower jaw of a duckbill dinosaur.9 In 1981, scientists identified dinosaur bones which had been found in Alaska 20 years earlier. The bones had been so fresh that the geologist who had found them thought at first they must have been bison bones. They have now been identified as belonging to horned dinosaurs, duckbill dinosaurs, and small carnivorous dinosaurs.10 Bones, of course, don’t stay fresh very long—certainly not for millions of years. These discoveries clearly indicate that dinosaurs were around recently. It is possible too that some of those huge flying reptiles, the pterosaurs, also survived Noah’s Flood and lived into recent times. The Illustrated London News of February 9, 1856 (p. 166) reported that workmen digging a railway tunnel in France last century disturbed a huge winged creature at Culmont, in Haute Marne, while blasting rock for the tunnel. The creature was described as livid black, with a long neck and sharp teeth. It looked like a bat, and its skin was thick and oily. It died soon after. Its wingspan was measured at 3.22 metres (10 feet 7 inches). A naturalist ‘immediately recognised it as belonging to the genus Pterodactylus anas’, and it matched the remains of known pterodactyl fossils. American Indians have stories of creatures they call ‘thunderbirds’, the description of which resembles that of a pterosaur. It is possible that the reason they can describe and draw these creatures is because their ancestors saw them. Less conclusive perhaps, but not necessarily to be dismissed, are modern claims of sightings of dinosaur-type creatures. Yet even among these there seem to be credible witnesses. Some scientific attempts to verify the existence of dinosaurs today have centred around the remote jungles of the Republic of the Congo, in central western Africa. Several scientific expeditions have taken place there, with the help and sponsorship of the Congolese Government, in an effort to verify reports of previously unidentified animals. One of these animals, known to the local natives as Mokele-mbembe, fits the description of a small plant-eating dinosaur. Biologist Dr Roy P. Mackal, from the University of Chicago, has led some of these trips through the harsh, humid, swampy environment of the Congo. He has written a book about his excursions, which includes summaries from other researchers who have been on expeditions to the Congo’s Likouala region.11
  • mabey. there's been people who say they've seen them in the ocean. there was also a noise in the ocean so loud, it was recorded on 2 different microphones on 2 different continents, 3,000 miles apart. it was an animal because of the sound waves. plus we've only explored 1% of the ocean floor, so you never know whats out there.
  • I cannot say for sure that they are not. I have my doubts, though. +5
  • No dinosaurs, but turtles and alligators were around in the dino days.
  • Yes, I saw a T-Rex last night on 5TH Avenue after I left the Bar! lol +5 Nunya Peace, Jonathan
  • Yes I work with a couple...:(
  • No, but their spirits live on, every day, in engines all over the world.
  • birds and alligators

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