• In the state of wyoming you have to be 14 or older to work and it can only be 40 or less a week NO OVERTIME. You have to prove your age with id or something.
  • yeah. They may not be the best jobs, or even the one that you want for the rest of your life, but it's experience
  • Most states allow you to work at 14 but my daughter is 14 and it is very hard to find a place to hire her because there is so much liability before you are 18. So many rules about the hours a minor can work and what equipment they can't be around so it is tough.
  • Yes. I have been working since I was 13. You don't need to get an executive job. Ask neighbours if they want their lawn cut, weeds pulled, driveways shoveled, cars washed, etc. Ask your parents if you can do some extra chores for a fee. Go to small stores and see if you can help out unloading trucks, doing inventory, etc. There's always lots to do, and always people looking for help. People your age don't normally want to work or know where to go for work. Therefore, there's more jobs available to you if you are willing to look for them. Go forth and find work! Good luck buddy - and remember to save that money (you'll be rich compared to your friends)
  • Where I live, the minimum working age is 14 AND only some types of employment AND only if it does not interfere with your schooling.
  • at mcdonalds
  • I know that fifteen year olds can have jobs (official), but I don't know what the regualtions are for how many hours they can work. Of course, cutting grass and babysitting is always open!
  • In Kansas, you can work at the age of 14 (unless it is a family business, you can work whenever), but there are strict guidelines that must be followed. Anyone under the age of 16 cannot work later than 7pm on weekdays, or 9pm on weekends, or summer break. I forget the amount of hrs per week they can work, but it is limited. They can't work around dangerous equipment (deep fat fryers, ovens, slicers). Most employers around here won't hire anyone under the age of 16 because of the scheduling problems of a younger person. My mother was the manager of a restaurant for 15 yrs, which is where I got my information.
  • i did. in texas there are restrictions on the number of hours per day and per week a person under 16 can work and there are restrictions on the times of day. i think this excludes farm work (it did when i was that age but that's been a while.)
  • I had jobs when I was 8 years old. Easy. At 15, try any fast food place.
  • My 14 year old grandson has earned over $1,000 this summer doing lawn work AND he's buying his own school clothes.
  • Start by taking out the trash.
  • I did when I was that age. I used to babysit. That was a great job because after the kids were in bed I could do homework and make cash under the table
  • my puppy is 14 n he won 1,345 dollars in a lawsuit against the post office for not delivering mail at the mail slut

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