• china is more advance
  • Africa
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      That's a continent, not a country.
  • China or India. They have so many people, and are already advancing up.
  • japan, iraq or any other country that the US bombs the **** out of and then rebuilds
  • China has the potential. They will have to deal with huge wealth discrepancies between urban and rural areas, and between lower and middle classes, and will need to clean up their environment. (They create far more polution than the United States.) They will also need to improve their human rights. If they can do this, they have the power. The United States also has the potential to remain a superpower. In order to do so, they will have to be willing to go against the world opinion, and do what they choose instead of what Europe or the United Nations tells them to do. I'm not neccesarily saying that they should do this, but they definately can. Japan also has the economic strength and power to become a world power. They currently don't have the requisite military power, but they could change that fairly quickly.
  • China-and I don't think its in the future, I think its now! I mean if the US is a superpower, and China owns the US, doesn't that make China a superpower too?
  • I think that Japan or russia shall rule :) :)
  • North Korea. They train the kids to speak fluent english with a British or American accent. Diane Sawyer special?? Anyone???
  • The Cayman Islands. They seem to have most of the hidden wealth in the world. One day they'll just get tired of all the nonsense and buy the rest of the world....:-D...
  • I would hope that the word 'Superpower', which is so last century, becomes obsolete and that the world community becomes more co-operative and less polarised into 'Superpower' and 'No-power.'
  • The US will hold on to its power base for as long as possible. China will be a key player as will India. Might be a good idea to learn Chinese.
  • In history, the world superpowers have been the leaders in manufacturing. This has been the trend since the industrial revoulution of Europe in the 16th century. Even with today's seemingly electronic world, we must look past the world of the United States. The things that makes a country a superpower are whoever is the leader in manufacturing and who is most stable as a country, politcally and economically. Therefore I think that the next superpower will indeed be China. Their manufacturing is very prosperous and their economy is growing every second. We in America should watch out, because over the next fifty years, I think China will pass us up in the marathon of existance.
  • As a citizen of the United States, I naturally want to say the US. However, I also like to be practical and educated in my answers. America is powerful and will definitely be a future superpower, however, I believe that China will be THE superpower. The Chinese invented many things and formulated many ideas still existing and useful today. China has the brains and the workforce to really explode into the century with development and is a new, bright star as well. Go to google and look up development in cities such as Shanghai or Hong Kong- it's staggering.
  • i don t see the United States losing that title any time soon,not in my lifetime.
  • China. India might have a chance.
  • China.
  • I'd like to say America. Closely followed by Russia.
  • Nobody write Russia, and I`m glad because of it. I`m a Rissian woman, living in Russia, and I didn`1t like it when people in other countries were afraid of my country when it was supperpower.We, Russians, prefer people in other countries love us and they are not afraid of our country
  • I believe it's only a matter of time before the EU homogenizes into a "country", and a decade or two later, so will North America and East Asia. The three superblocks will then, who knows... peaceful world government or some feud escalating into war escalating into nuclear warfare? Kaboom. No more nation-states by the end of this century either way.
  • India or China.
  • Russia, and China,
  • I think it will be Russia. The country has been repressed for the past 90 years due to harsh dictatorships. But in the 21st century, free market in Russia will mean alot of money due to oil in siberia. Russia will enjoy the same boom america did in the 20s. The country hasnt had a chance to grow in over a century. But every day people are become billionaires because of the massive oil bussiness. Also, China is a real hopeful. Cruel Dynasties and empires tore the country into poverty before 1949. China is going through what Russia went though in the 20th century. Russia is booming because of free markets, with a population of 128 million people. Imagine capitalism for 1.2 BILLION people in china.
  • It will be a country in the temperate zone with lots of fresh water, massive energy reserves and a shortage of population verses too many! I guess CANADA will be the next one to step up to SUPERPOWER status! The US will be facing overpopulation levels, severe drought conditions, shortages of all of the following: freshwater,food,venture capital, energy sources,socialized medicine and a democratic government! Under those conditions you can't remain as a superpower!
  • talking of about twenty years from now it can be, russia, china or india
  • I was putting my money on the European Union but I'm now leaning towards China
  • China, I'd say.
  • China then India
  • China. They have the factories and the workers and national pride. They also have the WILL to defend it.
  • China or India. Korea can play with nukes, but can't run with the big dogs.
  • Well, USA and Russia are already superpowers, so I will go for UK and China.
  • China for sure. They have a booming industry, a billion people to fuel their economy, plenty of land and resources....oh yeah, and they're bank rolling the U.S.'s national debt.
  • The US has got a few more years left. I'd like to think that, after they disappear, we'll be too enlightened for superpowers.
  • Oh I don't know, there are so many other events and changes in the political landscape and international arena which will affect that. It can go a number of ways - no more superpower and back to a second very level split between two great powers (as we saw during the Cold War with US and USSR) or there could be a multipolar system of varying forms. I guess China would be the obvious answer, I do think that if China were the superpower there would be a state waiting in the wings trying to match it to form a bipolar system. It may even become the European Union as the superpower, or one of two or more Great Powers if the politics within the EU evolve.
  • Scary thought China
  • china.
  • Europe will become one country and be the new superpower!
  • The Democratic Republic of Olan, or DRO!!!!!
  • The Vatican or Luxembourg
  • The age of superpowers is practically over. We live in a global society now and the need of one "power" is needless and pointless as no one nation is capable enough to administer adequately and protect itself without the help of others. Modern terrorists have demonstrated just how inept and inadequate the concept of superpowers is in this day and age.
  • have no idea
  • When UN Agenda 21 is implemented, which will be soon, there will no longer be any countries as there are now. We have Pres. Bush to thank for this and Pres. Clinton for signing it into law in the USA. If you do not know about Agenda 21 I think maybe you had better do some research real soon.
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      UN Agenda 21 is NOT law. It's a statement of intent, not a treaty, therefore not legally binding.

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