• Eat small servings periodically.... You don't need to have 3 steakhouse dinners a day. try 8 or 9 small servings of food. also drink a lot of water.
  • It not about how much you eat... it's about what you eat. You can eat "a lot" and still eat a low amount of calories. Try having a lot of veggie munchies throughout the day. It can fill that void you may feel. I like having carrot sticks and grapes on hand...just for an example. Oh... and drink a lot of water!
  • Ya , eat less fatty foods, eat when your hungry. Stop useless calories , like soda pops. Basically eat what your body needs to survive and operate correctly. No more no less. But at the same time , do not deprive your self , because I'll bet that if you do. And one day you break you will break so heavily , that you'll just fall back in.
  • When you eat less your stomach will start to shrink back down and you won't be so hungry anymore....If I don't eat fast food I'd have a hard time getting up to 1700
  • You're body is still adapting to your new diet, give it time, allow yourself a lapse once or twice a week, then once a week, once every other week, once a fortnight, then once a month. Nothing big, a chocolate bar, although a takeaway meal counts twice in my book. Mental stimulation works too, sometimes if you're concentrating on something else, you can often forget to eat, I often went seven hours without eating back when I had time to draw and paint!
  • They don't. It's just that you eat a lot of trash and call it "food" everyday. You don't "love" food, if you did then you would savour it and eat little of it at a time. You should cut down the crap you eat (it's probably mostly sugar and carbs hence why you're "suffering" for it) by eating healthier and drinking more sugar free.
  • i do it cause im short, and have a slow metabolism, if i ate the same way others ate i would weigh 500 lbs

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