• That depends on where I am going, and how much stuff I have to bring back. If I am in Europe, for example, I will elect to ship my stuff home, so I will have that much less with which to hassle, at the airports. +5
  • Just the opposite...I try to bring back less than what I went
  • Not really ... However; I do wish I HAD brought back more items in the days that I traveled ...would have made for interesting stories for the younger people. +5
  • Within reason, yes. I've been known to wear three or four shirts, when crossing the border, on my way home. : )
  • I bring back what I took with me when I started out. I normally do not do any shopping while traveling. And I believe in traveling light.
  • I try to bring something for each person close to me; coffee mug, shot glass, baseball cap, tee shirt, flip flops. Lets them know they were on my mind and when they use the item, reminds me of the fun trip I had.
  • Well, CT, let me put it this way. My wife and I have made only two trips abroad -- Europe (five cities) in 2007, and Turkey in 2008. We tend to bring things for ourselves as well as family and friends. On our Europe trip we actually had to buy an extra suitcase to fit all the chocolates in. So when we were flying back home from Rome, the baggage check got us to open our luggage, and was astounded that one bag was full of Murano, and another of chocolado. Their faces were worth seeing.
  • Yes. I spend so much on tourist junk its really overkill
  • I will make sure that the things which i have to use again andi will need in future i will bring back.
  • I have always flown for free (jump-seating) for vacations, so I don't bring much back as it is considered not to be proper jump-seat etiquette.
  • Not many but useful and required ones!
  • Only if it really far away... the irony is that all the trinkets are probably made in China like everything else is.
  • Hell yeah, i put my suitcase inside a bigger suitcase!! COME BACK WITH 2 FULL CASES!! :)
  • Yeah. When I was in Vietnam, I bought so much stuff I had to fedex it home :)
  • oh yes sure do.... but depends where u are..
  • not really. But I do bring souvenirs and things I'll never use.
  • 9-2-2017 Everyplace I went I bought a souvenir plate. When I finally got read to display them I had enough to cover the walls in four rooms.

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