• Not in adult movies...I always seem to understand the plot, which means the producer made every effort to bring the point across well.
  • I've seen plenty of continuity errors in many films even huge Hollywood Block Busters.
  • Used to see TV antennas in a few old time westerns which were supposse to be pre Television ... +5
  • Sometimes I feel that the actors are made to say or do things that are totally alien to their characters, in order to fit in with the plot. Can't think of one right now.
  • I remember an episode of Star Trek where I saw the reflection of the camera crew in the warp drive thing.
  • It would be refreshing to watch a movie filmed "as is" no re-takes and all stuttering and language errors included. The notion that people never make mistakes when speaking is ridiculous; when that happens in a movie they are awarded an oscar for their "ground-breaking role". ;)
  • only one i can think of is in Dark City. About 2/3rds of the way Kiefer Sutherland's character (one of my favorite character's ever, btw) gets thrown over a pit and you can see his harness and the wires. It just kind of adds the cheesyness of the whole thing, but still one of my favorite movies.
  • In the Exorsist, the seen where the mother is talking to the priest, she is smoking a cigarette, then she put it out but when the camera comes back to her she is smoking it still.
  • The movie "Blow" in one seen when she first met Johnny Depp Penelope Cruze had her hair behind her ear and in the instant it was i her face.
  • all the yime lethal weapon 2 in riggs trailer he wakes up and lights a cigarrette it is more than half gone before he goes in the bathroom, and is a brand new one when he's inside
  • So many continuity errors. Thought I would share this Star Wars clip. +5
  • I forget which Hitchcock film it was but I recall there was a scene where the woman pulls out a gun and shoots the man. The setting was in a crowded station and there was a little boy in the background. Well right before she pulls out the gun the boy covers his ears to prepare himself for the loud blast of the gun. I wanna say "Rear Window" but I'm not 100 percent sure.

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