• I took ceramics in high school and made several projects. I have only done it once since, but would love to find a studio where I could do some pottery. I couldn't justify the expense as a hobby on my own - kiln, wheel, etc. - but I'd gladly pay for clay and studio time, and even tools. I have been meaning to check around, but I am pulled in so many other directions...
  • In art college I did a sculpture in clay of a person's head.
  • Oh God, do I have a story for you- It was the winter of '06, I had just put the finishing touches on a masterpiece of epic proportion. It was a hand molded clay pot (I like to call her Sally) I was finishing as homework for art class. I slaved over Sally for hours. I even stayed up late in the night watching horrible music videos on VH1 for her. Then, came The Tragedy. I woke up in the morning to add a wash to Sally to make her even more flawless and pristine than she already was. As I dipped my paint brush into the wash my elbow hit Sally... And that, my friend, was the end of Sally's short life. I tried everything I could to save her but I wasn't strong enough. I informed all of my family members of her death and funeral services were held. To this day I refuse to work with clay.
  • For Visual and Graphic Arts in high scool, I made what started out as a "the ultimate cereal bowl". Unfortunately, it never made it to the proper "bowling" phase and ended up uneven and distorted in many areas. It does, however, serve its new purpose as a pencil holder and I like it very much.
  • Yes, I have made many things from clay beginning in my very early youth. I am certainly not a sculptor, but I do enjoy playing with it. Fortunately I live on a hill of clay, nice red as well as grey clay only a few feet down. Someday, when I have time......
  • Not exactly the kind of clay you're talking about, but... I'm teaching my sister how to make clay bricks (adobe). We're going to build her a little house with them (one big enough for her to stand in). We started yesterday, and I have 20 bricks so far. It's going to be a long week...month. It doesn't help that the weather has been really rainy all week.
  • I made some statues with my daughter at a ceramics store in Frederick, MD once. We had a good time. We also made clay figures at the Crayola factory in PA. I made a Spongebob figure, and this was about 1 month after it debuted.
  • Haven't worked with it in a while, but I think my starting point was a coil pot. You roll out a long 'snake' & then also roll a ball that you flatten [the base]. You coil the 'snake' around the base & it makes a nifty little pot.
  • I like working with polymer clay. I've made Christmas ornaments every year & the family lines up to see what's new. Also customize light switch/outlet covers & picture frames to match the room decor. Very handy items for "last minute" gifts.
  • The only clay things I have made were in grade school,a snake bowl, and an ashtray. I did not enjoy it, and never tried anything else. I discovered needlework and that is my great joy in life. (cross stitch, needlepoint, quilting, sewing)
  • I use Sculpey [I think it's called] to make little charms and such when I'm bored. :]
  • When I was a child at camp, there was a stock project guaranteed to get kids to lose their inhibitions about working with clay and stop protesting they didn't know anything about art. The project was called "A Holder for Dead Toothbrushes" and there was a prize for the strangest-looking one that was still functional. A pile of "dead" (old, used, splayed out) toothbrushes was placed on an oilcloth-covered picnic table. We were each given a chunk of clay to experiment with, and the only criterion was that the finished product somehow had to hold at least three dead toothbrushes. Even those of us who had never heard of Dr. Seuss came up with Seussian-looking creations. We were allowed to use the foot-pedal potter's wheel if we dared, and any slip or glazes we wished. It was great fun, and after the contest none of us had any problem making realistic or fantastic sculptures or containers for the rest of the summer.
  • In art in middle school, we had to make whistles out of clay. I had no idea what to make, but then ended up just smushing it all over and finally ended up with a beaver's head attached to a flat body which I made tire looking tracks on. So I have the only roadkill beaver whistle that I know of! :)
  • I've worked in clay since junior high which was a loooonnng time ago. I've made decorative items but my favorites are useable things for the house, like bowls, platters, teapots, vases and playing with glaze, what an adventure THAT is!
  • YES! I created several different pieces in high school...
  • Yes. I have made something out of clay. I took a clay class (if that's what you call it) at some center when I was 6 years old. We made a box, a wind chime and other random things. I still have my box sitting in my dresser.
  • I love using clay to make gifts and stuff. most of my work is decorative but only because sculply is expensive. usefull things use up too much of it. i would like to start selling my projects but i'm not sure if people would want them. i put pictures of them on a website if u want to see them. they're on tell me what you think on the guestbook. at least i think you can do that
  • Just this...
  • I have made little pots or dishes. The last thing I made was a series of jewelry.
  • In school for a Social studies class for extra credit I made a staute out of clay it was of some kind of idol for some culture we were studying. It was the kind of clay you bake in your oven.
  • I worked with polymer clay for about a year just playing around with it and making a few boxes and beads. My daughter turned me on to it. Then I saw what could be done and I put it down for awhile because I am nowhere near as good as what can be done with this amazing material. I will get back to it again one day. I love working with clay.
  • i took a ceramics class and got stuff i made with clay
  • One of my past boyfriends was an artist. He mostly did paintings, but he also did some sculptures and ceramics in clay. I tried some with him, but it takes time to become skillful. I do not like it well enough to do it regularly.
  • Pottery making is a great skill and craft. Always interested, taking my third class on the wheel. Its a fun way to create extra money, people love pottery items.
  • Pottery making is a great skill and craft. Always interested, taking my third class on the wheel. Its a fun way to create extra money, people love pottery items.

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