• Tan, I like my women to be tanned and not pale.
  • Natural look. A little make up is okay if it isn't over done and looks natural. No fake anything. +5
  • I mainly date exotic dancers,so natural is not my thing!!
  • The 'natural girl' look.
  • doesnt really matter to me. i like a good looking girl, but the personality is what I have to put up with on a daily basis, so that gets the most attention. +3
  • I like to see what's really there.
  • Natural beauty can't be beaten but, some additions these days can enhance that beauty ten times over. I was looking at some girl models and thought, why didn't the girls in my youth look like that. Then, I realised they did but, in their own way, Naturally. We (men)loved our girls dearly for what they showed, which was nowhere nearly as much as they do today. But (and we didn't think about what was under the bathing suit as much as we do today) we looked and saw some nice curves and that was it.
  • Black eyes and bigger sparking
  • What? Beauty? This may come as a shock to you seahippie but men are only driven by one thing: p u s s y. Natural, beautiful, fake tits all of this is superficial; add-ons to the throne of pussy. Worshipping at the throne of pussy is the primary concern of 82% of sleazy bastards worldwide. The rest are either gay, past it or mad. All men are dogs. You only need to be near them for 10 minutes before they start barking & it's rumoured that they think of sex every 4 seconds. What most men prefer in a girl is their wedding tackle... ;)
  • i prefer more to the natural side. a little makeup i dont mind, but you still need to look like the same person without. i've always thought girls who dont wear it were the best tho. so either girls who dont, or the one yo just simply can't tell.
  • Some make ups and smart, good person
  • I like a little make-up if we were going out, however its gotta be subtle not trawled-on. I dont like fake nails, eye lashes, extensions at all.
  • ehhh, im not too picky, but i enjoy a happy medium... tan or not, i could care less, i suppose a little makeup fake nails not rly, maybe if her nails were painted, but id rather see them just natural...maybe painted if going out somewhere special
  • Natural but well groomed of course...a pretty little outfit goes a long way to enhancing their natural beauty.
  • I like a natural look. It makes it less scary when you wake up in the morning +5
  • I see true beauty, from natural to risqué.
  • Guys cant see whats natural and whats not! I swear, guys can be so gullible when it comes to whats fake and real. If you find a guy who can tell who's a real natural beauty he's a keeper! I have a friend who's the nicest guy of all, but he's completely blind and gullible. A woman with a ton of makeup on he commented on while talking to me "she's such a natural beauty". I was grossed out and shocked he coulndt see her 3 layers of makeup.
  • i think that most gal's don't really need to wear as much make up that they do.....we need to see them in their natural state......take care....Brian.....
  • Natural all the way! There is too much phoniness in the world as it is. Men are usually suckered by women that put on too much makeup. The male hormones are so busy that they are temporarily blinded. They may think they have a 'natural' beauty. If a relationship develops they later find out after the initial excitement wears off a bit that the lady without makeup doesn't even look like she's the same person. To be fair, though, makeup, nails, tans, etc are a way for a woman to get noticed. They just aren't natural.
  • I like a natural beauty thank you. all this fake make up nails hair tan etc is totally unecessary.
  • Well honestly Ive heard this from alot of guys... ...if it can pop off, fall out, or smudge off I am definatly scared when a woman begins to fall apart...or you wake up next to a stranger.
  • Natural! Definitely natural!

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