• Everything is boring for someone and exciting for someone else.
  • i would say that architecture is what you make if you make it boring than of course it would be worth nothing.but if you try to add your own creativity to it than it might not be such a boring thing.
  • If I recall correctly Roaring is interested in architecture. I think the concept of the arch is fascinating, and I saw an episode of NUMB3RS involving wind shear effects on a building that eventually was counteracted by putting a water filled counterbalance in the roof that was kind of Awesome. And the math might be fun, but I really don't know that much about it.
  • My father was an architect. He lived a comfortable middle class life and was able to provide for his family. Us kids made contributions, here and there. He designed the Bojangles restaurant layout including the official logo. My younger sister put the star in the Bojangles sign and they kept it. I designed the logo used for the Charlotte Shrine Club. My dad designed a section of the local amusement park called Carowinds. He specifically designed the ride that was called White Lightning. The White Lightning loop was part of Carowinds official symbol until they tore the ride down a few years ago. It was sold to another amusement park - somewhere.

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