• We're always trying to figure out how to get our own way in all situations. This is what we're really trying to learn. It's even integrated into our mating ritual.
  • It is human nature....since the beginning of humanity those questions came to mind. That is the reason we are at the status quo in science. The curiosity will never end.
  • we humanbeing would like to know the unknown and the curiosity .
  • Because evrything is a question. For sentient beings like us who know nothing of our reality except "I AM" and "I AM Mortal" our whole life is based around: what is life? what is death? what is real? Who am I? Every question stems from those 4 questions, each answer seeks to ultimately define or lead to one of the 4 in some way or another. We have an innate drive to be inquisistive for our survival, we do not have horns or sharp claws or poisonous venom to defend ourselves, our brains keep us alive and for our brains to develop enough to get us to the top of the food chain we had to be VERY inquisitive. This lead of course to us becomeing aware of "I" and our own mortality...and with that came all the questions.
  • Asking questions is how we can achieve personal freedom (maturity), Knowledge/wisdom and scientific progress. Our 'inquisitive gene' may be part of the driving force of our evolution.. otherwise we'd be like ants; all very well organised, everyone just doing their assigned tasks without question etc., but no progress. .
  • Asking questions is how we learn and we are inquisitive by nature. I think we ask a lot of questions about the unknown because it is something of which we know so little and because of that we are afraid.
  • Sometimes, we even ask questions about those things we do know already. We have a way of learning new things, about old subjects. Yes.
  • Our ability to ask and answer questions is how we have progressed from the cave to where we are today.
  • we're the only animals able to ask a question but i don't think it is "human nature" but the nature of any social animal to be curious. We are also the only animals with the part of the brain that allows us to imagine which gives us the ability to even think of the possibilities of the unknown. Hence is why i think it's no coincidence that we're the only animals who practice religion and worship.
  • Apparently it is because we do! Happy Friday! :)
  • Seeking the truth by acquiring the knowledge is the fundamentals of our life. Knowledge is your real power. Asking questions is just one step ahead.
  • its normal i would think and nessessary for survival like cave man asks how do i make fire how do i catch dinner how do i decide what to wear, its only the degree of effort and time spent on each thought that isnt human nature nessessarily but individual hence the male skirt.. human nature reason for thinking could be a catylst for thought and profound ideas or diving board into hell.. eg the unknown beyond and paranormal is interesting but star trek is not real aliens are contraversial and the unknown will always be so it cant be known.. human nature curiosity isnt as innocent as the curiosity killed the cat poem the cat lived happy ending.. where is the happy ending in cloning organ harvesting and such the out of control ball is rolling started with curiosity of the dangerous kind "because we can" where does it end
  • It's because spiritual knowledge has been kept hidden from the populace and kept in the hands of those at the top, through programs like Christianity and other monotheistic religions. Learn the TRUTH: www (dot) joyofsatan (dot) org
  • If no one asked any questions we wouldnt be intelligent. we'd be a passive race of things that just ate, had sex, and procreate. taking away our intellect would bring us down to our most tribal and basic instincts and actions. in order to LEARN we have to ask questions, we have to wonder, our ability to question existence, the way life is is proof that we are the universe getting to know itself. Humans are plagued with the most grandiose questions, like what are we, where are we from and what lies ahead. without questions, we would be nothing, we wouldnt evolve, we wouldn't change. Change is constant and necessary, change is how we learn.
  • Yes, that is human nature.
  • We are the only known beings on this planet to assimilate complex speech and communication, enough so that we are able to ask questions, express anger, hatred and other ranges of emotion. Animals can show these feelings but we cant account for them actually having thoughts as complex as ours. Furthermore: we are the only known creatures to question existence, to ask, what are we? Its rare that we can assess our current state and deviate time, science and more like it to explain our lives and explain with proof our existence and the contraints of our existence, going beyond that we can think about the future, consciously understanding time is essential . We are also the only known species to further progress our survival by adapting in such complex ways, planes for transportation, cars, energy, the understanding of electricity, and all the marvels of culture and science we take for granted every day. This is proof of our existence, this is proof we are able to question and improve our lives due to a second to none (that we know of) evolution of our brain and bodies. We wear clothes, and eat food produced by complex agriculture. The fact that we can have an imagination and a wide range of emotions that create however many hypothetical or real situations, proves we are a complex thinking being. As far as questioning paranormal or things like religion, again our imagination and emotions plays a huge part in wanting to find answers for things we dont quite understand. TO sum this all up, if it was not for our brains, and our ability to adapt, recognize patterns, question, think with our head and our heart we would be doomed..but these essential elements of existence is proof we are highly complex and is the embodiment of human nature, evolution gives us change so its only natural for us to adapt to our planets will.

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