• +5 Never say never :o)
  • Keep dreaming.
  • i would think so,,,,,,must happen somewhere in the world,,,,,
  • Fur sure,I once drempt that I was running and something went across my neck and flipped me on my back and I said "Where's my glasses?Where's my glasses?" THEN I went to NB several months later and I was running in between the cars at a drivein,they had the old fashioned speakers that were attached to the pole and hung on your window,well, you guessed it.I ran in between the cars, got flipped on my back and said"Where's..ect!" The mark on my neck was crazy! It was thick and a big red welt.I feel that we must have two lives and sometimes they overlap or interfear with each other,or your dreams can come true(True story)

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