• I think it's like a pressure release system without a control switch. What do they mean ? I have no idea.
    • Beaker Five-O
      Thank you. What dreams do you have ?
    • Ice man
      I assume you mean dreaming while asleep, right? I don't usually remember much about them a few minutes after waking up, but last week I had a dream where some faceless giant was pulling out my hair. It seemed so real that when I woke up I touched my head to make sure it was just a dream. I wonder what it means ? (other than I have a fear of giants ripping out my hair.). lol
    • Beaker Five-O
      Lol. Perhaps your wife/girlfriend is trying to secretly get rid of you !! Do you always touch your head, first thing in the morning ? I've known plenty of men like that !!
    • Ice man
      Hahahaha : )
    • Beaker Five-O
      I don't believe you !!
    • Ice man
      I'm being honest, remember you said "always". : )
    • Beaker Five-O
      Lol ! Best I don't go there !! My mind is scrambling !
  • It's probably the spiders, that crawl inside our ears whilst we are sleeping, pulling our brain strings.
    • Beaker Five-O
      Oh thanks !! Now I will have to plug my ears at bed-time !!
    • Lilo Avli
      Best to plug everything, just in case.
    • Beaker Five-O
      Lol !!
  • Connect to each other,nature,good,ourselves,others,such as 'spirits' or mystery beings.
    • Beaker Five-O
      What is a "mystery being"?
  • Maybe our brain is bored with nothing to do.
    • Beaker Five-O
      Why doesn't our brain go to sleep ?
  • There was a test done where a group of people were woken up as soon as they had rapid-eye-movements. When these folks were deprived of rem sleep (dream sleep) they would exhibit behaviors noted in schizophrenia.
  • There are several reasons which I'll keep to myself. I'll share them with my S/O person. He would understand, cause that's the kind of person he is. Insightful in many ways.
  • I agree with the theory that the brain is responding to random biochemical changes and electrical impulses that occur during sleep. The brain being the analytical tool it is tries to make sense of it, but many times it just doesn't make sense.
  • So that we can transform the boring world into a world of magic.
  • Probably the brain can't distinguish daylight!
  • cause god nnade us that way
  • They reveal to our minds our deepest secrets and aspirations, hope and its opposites.

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