• I think,both,actually.*+++++*
  • I think I feel emotions more deeply and more often than many other people do. For that reason I am more aware of my reactions I think. Great question Phillis.
  • yea when im around most people i feel like that, there is only one person i know who i think is even close to me on this front
  • Hyperaware, unfortunately. ;-)
  • I doubt anything can sink that far down *emotion*
  • I'm very deep. So deep. It's really unbelievable how deep I am. People hear an echo when they talk to me.
  • I am quite over-emotional. I cry everyday. I don't know what exactly that means for me as a person dealing with emotions. I'm not sensitive to things people may say, but rather songs I hear, movies I watch. I've cried during speeches of something I am passionate about. So I guess, my answer would be both.
  • My wife is emotional and gets her feelings hurt. I am more logical and dont take things so personal. + 5
  • I'm very intuned to my emotions and feel them very deeply, even if I'm not feeling emotional about myself (say I'm reading or watching a movie) I feel drained and emotionally spent after a dramatic scene.
  • I don't think I do. I usually don't show much emotion and/or I do what needs to be done before the full force sets in.
  • I really don't think it's up to me to judge the intensity or awareness of another person's emotions. People make that mistake too often, condemning others for emotional display on the basis that it's not too much of a problem, or that they don't really understand what they're feeling, that they're faking it or misinterpreting things...or again, that someone who rarely displays emotions must therefore be either nearly devoid of them, or totally out of tune. Which is, obviously, bs, as I'm sure you know. I really don't think it's up to me to calculate and then define someone else's emotional state or the intensity or awareness thereof, and then compare it to my own. Can you even DO that with emotions? I mean don't we barely know anything about them? For one, I got enough of a fun time dealing with my own crap anyways. :D So I can't tell, or know, if I feel them more than others. Whatever they present as behaviour for emotional state is always hard to discern, no matter how evident it seems upon said display. :/ I mean, a person could act angry all the time, and you think they hate everything...but in truth, they're frightened of everything and everyone, and deal with in an aggressive manner. So, if I assumed that this person was a lot "angrier" than I am, I would, technically, be wrong. :/
  • That's impossible for me to say, Phillis. I'd actually have to BE someone else for me to get an idea. I just keep in mind that others have feelings, just like I do, and do my best to treat them like I'd want them to treat me.
  • Unanswerable question. You can't know how deeply others feel emotion.
  • I overreact all the time! Trying to control it tho!
  • Yes. I feel deep emotion, but I don't cry or scream or get to phisical in reaction to something.
  • Neither. But someone's got to do it.
  • I feel deeply and I am aware. I tried the other route for years, supressing my emotions believing them to be an obstacle to overcome and I drank myself silly because I couldn't cry any other way. The emotions are a barometer to our unconscious and a direct link with our higher self. Those who do not feel are in for a whole deal of pain for themselves and others until they recognize the importance of listening to their feelings and sorting them out.
  • Not the perfect answer to this question, but I'm quite sure that I feel emotions far less deeply than most. I'm always aware of them, and I appreciate them... they're just not as intense as a glass of cold water, though. Cold water happens to be my favourite thing to drink, btw.
  • ...Only because of imbalances. I tend to go overboard with every emotion that gets kicked up...^^; It kills my ability to think properly, in most cases, so, I try to school it as best I can.

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