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  • True love means self-sacrifice and service, not selfishness. If you truly love someone, you are ALWAYS putting their needs ahead of yours and vis versa. If your loved one is sick, you are going to WANT to take care of them and ease their misery. They shouldn't even have to ask. The only way you are going to leave their side is if there is something so important that you must, such as you are going to lose your job and their health insurance if you don't. If it is true love, you know that the next time you are sick, they will do the same for you. No, you are not being unreasonable. Your boyfriend is being unloving.
  • Hmm... That is pretty inconsiderate. I would be upset, especially since if the shoe was on the other foot I would be at home looking after him. That is what you expect from a relationship! I would say that it was definitely a reason to be very upset if you were unable to take care of yourself comfortably and really were very poorly, and needed his support and care and for him to just "be there". If on the other hand you were able to look after yourself just fine and are just upset because he was being inconsiderate, or because you were a little jealous, then by all means be upset, but it is best not to make a stink about it, in my eyes =) Share your thoughts with him, let him know how it made you feel, but keep the peace if the latter applies =)
  • It sort of depends... did you TELL him to go out and have fun?
  • My Boyfriend was A LITTLE SICK yesterday and i went out and had fun. He was a little snippy with me. But after i came he was a little bit more reasonable since i go out very little with or without him! I hope he feels better today also!
  • Wow that just happened to me too I was sick this past weekend too and my boyfriend went out instead of staying in with me too. I was really upset by it becase i would have wanted to stay in with him if he was sick at home. He knew I was going to be sitting in all by myself all weekend but he never cared. His priority I guess was going out with his friends. It really makes me think about how much i mean to him. Its selfish i think.
  • It's being immature.
  • I think it depends on how sick you are. Do you need him to take care of you? I mean, if so, or if you would like the company, then just ask for it. If not, the "selfish" card works both ways: why make him sit around and listen to you sniffle? Let him go have fun while you watch movies. So I think it's something you have to discuss with your boyfriend. If you would like him to stay, say so. If he leaves anyway, he's a jerk. But if you can afford to let him go out, by all means, let the guy go get some fresh air and have fun! If he's smart, he'll bring you back some cough drops and more movies from Blockbuster.

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