• Ha Ha! I'm sot of a combo package of the two of those myself.Different men and guys like different types of women,so the induvidual will tell you himself if he likes you or not.*+++++*
  • Well! they do say "there's someone for everyone" just find a bloke who can accept you for who you are! :-) Don't let any man try to change who you are!! personally I go for a woman who knows her own mind & sticks to their guns, yeah! a little tuff but not someone who wants to arm wrestle me all the time & a bit of the girly girl is nice to walk out with too! ;-)
  • Generalizing is an unhealthy habit. Personal attraction, like most other things is only handled well on a person-to-person level. There's no thing 'men' in general want, besides whatever strikes us as what we want at that particular point in time.
  • Men like all sorts of women, just like we women like many different types of men. Just find the one who likes you for what you are.
  • there are men who prefer your sort of fact, every sort of girl(s) would definitely have some male fans!
  • I like girly girls personally
  • I'm not a big fan of girly girls but I have no interest in a girl that is so masculine, she loses her femininity. Somewhere in the middle there is a girl that will engage in the same activities the guys will but retain the femininity that we men find attrative. To me there is a perfect balance.
  • I am very much like you. The last time I wore pants, I was 8. I only wear skirts and dresses. I am not strong at all so I am sure you can at least beat me up. LOL! Forget throwing a punch, I can't even open a soda bottle. I am the way I am and I don't change and look for the right to guy who will like it. P.S. I have not logged in in a log time because I there wern't enough girly girls on here. It is nice to see another one here.
  • I prefer the other kind, sorry... Just so long as "tough" doesn't mean "violent"
  • I can only really speak for myself but yes, I prefer feminine women to ladettes!
  • There are many men who prefer either kind.But it really doesn't matter, you shouldn't care what others think of you. It's your life, not theirs. +5
  • There most likely are guys who prefer girls like you. There's nothing wrong with loving to wear dresses and doing girly things. What kind of girly things do you do? I don't even consider myself a girly girl and I don't play football. I still have a boyfriend. What's that tell you?
  • I'm a girl so not really privy to what guys like, but I would think it depends on how girly you are. Are you the kind who can't go out till every item matches, or your day is ruined if your manicure got a little bit messy or you can't move a box over 20lbs because thats a boys job. Or you are always running late because it takes you 2 hours minimum prep time and guys should just learn to wait, after all beauty can't be rushed. If any of those apply than I would think a guy may prefer the sometime tom boy.
  • The 'girlier' the better! I like 'em REALLY feminine, soft, frilly, cuddling, etc. Here in America, girls and women have practically stopped wearing skirts and dresses altogether. I wish there were more like you.
  • I like girly girls. My wife is one. The only challenge is getting her to go to ball games and races and stuff like that. Even a girly girl can like baseball...:)
  • It's a false dichotomy. There are not two kinds of women. But, to answer your question: If she's preoccupied with her appearance, I can't be bothered with her. If she wears makeup, yuck. Dresses are fine, but if she can't dress appropriately for some sort of outdoor activity, forget her.
  • Its funny that guys say they like girlie girls. I'm a little of both. I like girlie things but at the same time I like being capable of doing things that men do as well. I guess to put it bluntly I enjoy being a full woman. Every time I meet a guy who has a girlie wife they say they wish she were more like me. You can be both, feminine and independent. I say this because everytime I meet a self proclaimed girlie girl, what it really translate to is, I can't do anything but cook, clean and bear children, and I must have a man to make me complete and do things like change light bulbs and batteries and mow the lawn. I can't even make a decision without my spouses approval. Bleeeehhhh! For me it just translates to lazy and daddy raised a princess who will spend her last cents on a manicure than food for the children. But I guess different strokes for different folks. I'm sure there are guys out there who do enjoy being a princesses b_tch.
  • OK, you just put on that flimsy little sun dress and a thong then just stand there and let me look at you. Turn around a few times. That's nice! After I am sufficiently worked up I'll go home to my wife and take my frustration out on her, she'll appreciate you even more than I do. Just joking, you're OK. Be yourself and don't worry about what people think, everyone is valuable in their own way. I think girly girls like you are very sexy. Some man will appreciate you for yourself and I wouldn't blame him. Good luck.
  • I consider myself a girly girl in the way I dress and that I'm quite femme, but I don't see that as stopping me sometimes playing football or other sports. I'm quite good at running and swimming too, and I'm on a girl's football team, but I wear dresses and skirts a LOT.
    • Thinker
      Good for you! Playing sports is good but then when over start looking like a real girl in a dress or skirt and blouse.
  • Being of the Old School, 1940's I prefer girly girls who wear cute dresses with puff sleeves. Girls with very little or no make-up and act like girls. I do not care for the torn and ripped legs on girl's pants. Why do girls and boys for that matter today, want to look so trashy and unkept with enough make-up their face would crack if they smiled.
  • depends on the guy, theyre all didfferent

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