• There is no such thing as a Blue Chip penny stock as they are penny stocks and remain on the so called 'pink Sheets'. Some penny stocks have become Blue Chips though, over time and meeting, Float, Capitalization requirements and other criteria for listing on the S&P 500 or Dow. +5
  • It's a contradiction in terms. "Penny stocks" have next to no value, because the company itself has little value. Mutual funds and other large investors won't even look at them, much less invest in them. "Blue chip" stocks are priced high enough to attract institutional investors as well as individual. They are also considered to be a store of some value. (That is, the investment itself is a "storehouse of value" ... not talking about a "retail store".)
  • Yes, they do! Penny-stock lovers are having a big laugh at the expense of blue-chip investors. ... Penny stocks are the ones that promise binary outcomes: wild upsides or bust. Now we have a parade of blue chips that are no longer investments but speculations on dubious business models. MCR World

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