• skateboarding =)
  • Fishing, camping, hiking, bowling or a bowling league, if you like working with your hands - carving. There's reading, join a baseball league, soccer team, model car building, maybe write a book, drawing. Theres a few to pick from, sure there are more out there if none of these suit your fancy.
  • you could try joining a community sports team. try the city pool if you like to swim. if you wanna have fun & get in shape at the same time, try parkouring. find a community college & take some cheap classes like a cooking class or maybe learn how to knit. go to your local library or soup kitchen & volunteer. there's so many things you can do that cost very little or nothing at all that are good for you & other people. i hope some of these suggestions sound fun :)
  • -Cloud watching -Trainspotting -Planespotting (athought the department of homeland security frowns upon this) -going to your local public library to borrow books, movies and music (aside from transportation and as long as you do not get late fees it is for the most part free) -walking/jogging/running -birdwatching -volunteering -beachcombing -join a local sports club
  • skating - go roller blading all the time with my boys we have a great laugh :-)
  • Collecting shells and making mobiles or wind chimes from them, redisgning secondhand clothes, growing veges can be low cost, sewing crazy patchwork quilts from scrap fabric.
  • bowling, skating
  • Reading - a hobby everyone should develope. And, it can be very inexpensive if you take advantage of your library & the internet.
  • i read this is very cheap since library is free. i also love crosswords which are still fairly cheap. you can grow flower seeds pretty economically. walking just needs a pair of support shoes. learning about nutrition and putting it into practice is very cheap and healthy.
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  • This will usually do:

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