• saving private ryan, or tears of the sun,or curious case of benjerman butten,
  • What Dreams May Come
  • "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith (yes. . . .I KNOW happyness is spelled with an "i"; but there's a REASON it's misspelled in the title. If you watch the movie, you'll find out why!)
  • The pursuit of happiness
  • " Resurrection " with Ellen Burstyn and Sam Shepperd, from the 1980's I believe; it's difficult to find, it seems. " Strangers in Good Company " +5 I'd recommend these "out-of-the mainstream cinema world" titles for your truly unique viewing pleasure. :) I think both are well worth any effort it may take to find them
  • dumb and dumber
  • Music of the Heart, Meryl Streep
  • "The Celestine Prophecy"
  • Remember the Titans
  • The matrix is good if you want to question reality.
  • probably ones you've seen before...but I love Fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe...and Forrest Gump...and Thelma and Louise...and especially love a lot of Aussie movies that you probably never heard of...try 'The Black Balloon;..
  • I think "The Pursuit of Happyness" maybe your first choice.I still remembered clearly about the first time I watched the movie. It was a year ago when I still studied at college. I was at sea about my future. I have no belief in myself. In troubled waters everyday, I always surfed the internet. Accidentally, I saw this movie. I was attracted by the name of the movie at first.Finished watching the movie, I had a new apprehension on life. Chris's unremitting endeavor just to give his son and himself a good life moved me deeply. I was convinced by his remorseless spirit in pursuing happiness.He can insist pursuing his life goal no matter how many challenges and difficulties he encountered,including a period of homelessness.To me,I had nothing absent and I also had a good chance to do these things while I always complained and worried about future meaninglessly.Wake up to this,I knew I should learn something from Chris.So, I think you guys should also watch this movie. It may give you some directions in your life.In addtion, here it is available:
  • The Bible?
  • Amelie... it has inspired me to be more selfless.
  • What Dreams May Come

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