• No. not everything he would ask. i don't think I would jump off a cliff if he asked me to. But I haven't said no to anything he has asked me to do as of yet!
  • In a past relationship ~ just about all the time. I would like to think I'm stronger now tho!
  • Probably. At least try.
  • Anything? No. Also depends on my mood;)
  • Not anything, but usually most requests are granted. As long as nothing gets too outrageous. Yes, she is spoiled!!
  • Yes, for fun, to the limit of practicality and reason.
  • Anything? No, but within reason I do things I don't really want to do because it is worth it to me to see him smile (like take out the trash, sit through hours of sports channel, listen to him ramble on about his car projects etc). Although, I do not really mind these things, because I love him, and because of that what is important to him is, well, important to me too. Also, I know he would do all this and more for me (substitute stopping by the grocery store, cooking dinner, or rubbing my back when I don't feel well). It is all give and take.
  • More than likely ,,,,after all !! they do what i want them to do to me,,,, and i've yet to do something that i find distasteful,,,,
  • I have done things I thought I didn't want to do, at the time. Later, some of the things he'd asked me to do were really a lot of fun. Like drag racing - I've raced in the "Powder Puff" races. Like being pulled around on top of a big circle of plywood, behind the boat (the "saucer"). Like learning to ride dirt bikes & going up that really narrow rocky mountain path & nearly falling over the side of the mountain! Like driving his Harley Heritage Softtail when it was brand new. Like giving my daughter my blessings when she wanted to join the Air Force. Yeah, I'd probably do most anything he'd ask of me - within reason. :)
  • Definitely I know my husband well enough to know he would never ask me to do anything ,not in, my comfort zone, he just wouldn't ask...... and if he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would consider it very seriously and most likely say YES...HE is my man! and I love him!
  • yes i would.
  • I only date extremely dominant men so I do ANYTHING I'm ordered to do.

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