• Use sun protection.
  • Aloe Vera gel...Put lots on and then stand in front of a fan
  • "For sunburn pain, use Solarcaine."
  • Cool, gentle shower. Take aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen to reduce inflammation as well as pain. Also, this website has a lot of suggestions:
  • I like to refrigerate my Aloe Vera gel and put it on while it's nice and cold. Another home remedy a co-worker told me about is to pour white-vinegar on the burn. I thought she was crazy, but got a really bad sunburn once and decided to give it a try- anything that I could do to help with the pain! I stood in the shower and poured it on the burn and WOW! It really helps a lot at taking that sting out of the burn. You may have to apply it a couple times, depending on how severe the burn is- but I swear by it! Good luck, hope you feel better soon!+++
  • witch hazel
  • i dont get sunburns...last one i got was a coupla years back and i put aloe on it
  • put after sun on and then relax sleeping or watch tv
  • Rub a cut tomato on it strait from the fridge,,,,
  • If you can find it use witch hazel.
  • aloe, lotion, hydrocortisone, whatever i can get my hands on
  • My first aid trainer taught me that since the skin is cooking, like a chicken in the oven, you have to stop the process. Take a cool bath until the sting goes away. DO NOT put any type of cream on it as that will keep the heat in, increasing the chance of infection.
  • i don't get sunburnt but have found when others are burnt thatthe juice from an aloe vera leaf is the best.
  • Aloe vera
  • cool showers and aspirin.
  • I have never been burned but my Husband got badly windburned and we used aloe, witch Hazel. The best thing is to get the Pharmacist to make up a potion. In Greece the made my husband a lotion that even though he was badly burned it took the pain away and he did not peel.
  • aloe vera... and lotion...lotion does wonders to my sun burns(=
  • Alluseek. You asked to come on this site and I agreed. Your questions are very good but, you are squashing other ABers from the site. With your wonderful amount of questions, why don't you start your own site.
  • Nothing, I just live with it.
  • I've never been able to burn for some reason, but I have many friends who have. The best method is lotion with aloe in it. Then just try not to touch it until it finally peels off a few days later.
  • Put these types of yogurt on it: Whipped Yogurt The inoculation of the pasteurized milk is made in incubation tanks, which is where coagulation occurs. It is then beaten and placed in a container. It can be presented in a liquid form or semisolid form. Coagulated Yogurt The pasteurized milk is immediately packaged after inoculation. The coagulation then occurs once it is contained and will ease the pain Natural Yogurt Natural yogurt does not have any flavorings, sugars or colorants. Only the addition of stabilizers and preservatives are allowed in it meaning it will cool the burns without any stinging Fruit Yogurt This contains chopped up processed fruit and authorized sanitary additives. The fruit has certain vitamins to get rid of the burns in no time.
  • First of all I take two aspirins, before any sign of redness appears. I repeat this every four hours up to six doses. Then I jump into a cold bath, and even toss in ice cubes. When I get out of the bath, I spray on solarcane. Then drink water to help put, moisture back into my drying skin. I've also used aloe, and cold ice bag.

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