• Just take a shower and use shampoo. I go diving on shipwrecks and I have to deal with this all the time.
  • There are special metal removing shampoos made for people who have well water that you can get at any beauty supply store. I suggest Aloe Rid.
  • How do you get rusty hair? I have never come across this before.
  • Country Time Lemonade is supposed to help. Also if you google hard water, there's a shampoo meant for it. It's called Malibu something-maybe Malibu 3000. Also Ion makes a treatment that helps remove hard water deposits like rust, etc.
  • If you mean you hair turns a brassy color after a while, you need to get a clarifing shampoo at any store that sells shampoos. If that does not help get a bottle of Shimmer Lights from a sally's store. If you are not near a Sally's stop by a salon they will have it Good Luck!
  • Do you have well water you use?.... If indeed the stains in your hair are deposits of iron (oxide), there is nothing safe that will render them soluble and able to be either bleached or washed away. Put another way, bleach will not work without damaging the structure of the hair to an extent that you would be very unhappy with the result. No perm solution will "remove the rust." A possible solution: Surely there is a coloring agent dark enough to mask the offending orange. However, I understand that a coloring agent able to do the job may be a color that is not appealing to you. Another approach is to cut away the offending (stained) parts of the hair and let nature take its course. Avoiding abusive hair treatments and things that might stain your hair, in time new growth of your natural color will replace the parts trimmed away. This approach will require the skills of a trained stylist and an accommodation on your part to having a hair style that is not entirely to your liking. Only you can decide if living with the stained part is bearable. Hair is a fragile, dead protein that cannot be repaired to any significant extent by things you put on it. Only re-growth will provide the fresh start that your situation seems to require.
  • I have mostly grey hair with blond coloring on it. This summer I worked outside, landscaping and the sun really bleached out the color. I didn't mind that as much as the rust stain that remained on the back of my head from standing under the shower. Last night, I took a small section of the stained hair and tried to fix it by using Whink, then another rust remover and then Maxi Blonde Hair Lightener Kit. None of these worked. Luckily that section doesn't feel damaged. I agree with "Bleu23". I previously read that answer at
  • I have really long blond hair...with really really hard water. My shower is orange within 2 days of cleaning it. I've found that lemon juice, or just squeezing a lemon, pulp and all, and leaving it on my hair for 20-30 minutes works really well. My hair dresser has also used leftover perm solution on it, though it dries it out a lot more. Looks gross when it rinses out but it really works.
  • Shampoo.
  • I used one teaspoon of baking soada and enough shampoo to wash hair twice, mix both together and shampoo hair. It works. I have well water and I thought I would never fine something. I bought alot of stuff to use on my hair and this is cheap and works.
  • I have a "Malibu" treatment done at my hair salon. It is made specifically for removing the rust. It costs $10.00 and takes 1 hour.

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