• Copied from: Subject: Re: Response to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson Answered By: pinkfreud-ga on 01 Apr 2004 11:59 PST The song "I'm Billie Jean," released in 1982, was a real oddity. It was a near-clone of Michael Jackson's original song, both in music and in lyrics. The female singer was never identified, and the song was released only on a 12-inch EP titled "Michael." The EP was not in general distribution to the public, but it got some airplay by radio DJs and clubs. "The appearance of two Michael Jackson -related 12-inch EPs of mysterious origin - both called Michael - bearing the caveat 'These are weird renditions of weirder songs originally recorded by the weirdest artist' - was very intriguing... the Billie Jean answer song I'm Billie Jean (the kid was his son) is also entertaining." Now Toronto Here you can listen to a clip from "I'm Billie Jean": Wax Records "I'm Billie Jean" is a rather rare item that was released only as a 12-inch vinyl EP. You can purchase "I'm Billie Jean" here: Musicstack'm+billie+jean A different response to "Billie Jean" was called "Superstar (I'm Billie Jean and I'm Mad as Hell.") It was released in 1983, and was sung by Lydia Murdock: "Billie Jean" was made into 'Superstar (I'm Billie Jean and I'm Mad as hell)' by Lydia Murdock." i80s Forums Here you'll find the lyrics to Lydia Murdock's "Superstar": Bide et Musique You can purchase Lydia Murdock's "Superstar" here: Musicstack
  • it was called SUPERSTAR by LYDIA MURDOCK

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