• Bordering with Tibet, Langtang national park is located in the north of Kathmandu valley. Ibis will travel up to Langtang to breed. Rare, elusive Red Panda and Snow leopards live up here. So techncally yes they do, but not over the higher peaks yo...
  • "Invigorated muscle structure allows geese to brave the Himalayas" "Named for the dark stripes on the backs of their heads, bar-headed geese are native to South and Central Asia. Often bred in captivity as domestic garden birds, they migrate annually in the wild between India and the high altitude plateaus in China and Mongolia, flying over the world's highest mountains on their way. "They fly at altitudes up to 9,000 metres," says UBC Zoology PhD student Graham Scott. "That's the equivalent of humans running a marathon at the altitudes commercial airlines fly."" Source and further information:

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